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The Great Social Media Marketing Handbook — 101+ Resources, Tips, Guides & Tools

Social media has grown a lot over the past few years and is still exploding like never before. And that exactly is the reason why marketers are allocating more budget for search engine and social media marketing campaigns.

Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social networks.

If you already have a strong SEO strategy then integrating social media with your existing campaigns will yield the best results.

101+ Social Media Resources, Tips, Strategies & Tools

The purpose of this social media handbook is to curate some of the best social media marketing resources for you. And if you are also looking for more internet marketing resources then check out my other marketing handbooks.

Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

So, here is a list of some of the best social media resources — for bloggers, marketers, and everyone else — that I have collected over the past several months.

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First things first. Why social media?

According to Business Insider, social media is the top activity on the web. Americans are spending over 37 minutes a day on various social networks and it’s higher than any other internet activity (including email).

“Engage, enlighten, encourage and especially… just be yourself! Social media is a community effort, everyone is an asset.” — Susan Cooper (@BuzzEdition)

Social Media Guides

If you are looking for a complete social media guide in an easy-to-consume way then check out the following resources. They cover almost all aspects of social media in a systematic way.

  1. The Beginner’s Guide To Social Media
  2. The Simplified Guide To Social Media For Small Businesses
  3. A Beginner’s Guide To Social Media Advertising
  4. Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate Guide
  5. Social Media Marketing: A Complete Strategy Guide
  6. Social Media Advertising: The Ultimate Guide
  7. Social Media Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide
  8. 61 Social Media Metrics, Defined

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Social Media Stats

If you want to take advantage of  social media’s full potential then it’s important to know its numbers. For instance, Facebook now has over 1 billion users and is attracting 7 times more engagement that any other network.

  1. 126 Amazing Social Media Statistics And Facts
  2. 36 Social Media Marketing Statistics to Know For 2021
  3. 367 Social Media Statistics You Must Know In 2021
  4. How Many People Use Social Media In 2021? (65+ Statistics)
  5. 75 Essential Social Media Marketing Statistics For 2021
  6. 140+ Social Media Statistics That Matter To Marketers In 2020
  7. 10 Surprising And Important Social Media Stats You Need To Know
  8. Building Brand Awareness On Social Media [Infographic]
  9. A Social Media Etiquette Guide You Might Find Useful [Infographic]
  10. Which Social Media Platforms Are Suited For Your Business? [Infographic]

Social Media Strategy

“These days, social media waits for no one. If you’re LATE for the party, you’ll probably be covered by all the noise and you might not be able to get your voice across. It could only mean that if you want to be heard by the crowd, you have to be fast; and on social media, that means you have to be REALLY fast.” — Aaron Lee (@AskAaronLee)

Creating a profile on each and every social network out there won’t magically grow your business overnight. You need a strategy!

If you don’t have a social media strategy then it’s more likely that your campaigns will go unnoticed and be worthless. And I must admit that I don’t have a social media strategy… yet.

  1. How To Create A Social Media Strategy In 8 Easy Steps (Free Template)
  2. The Best Way To Plan A Social Media Strategy In 5 Steps (Template)
  3. How To Create A Social Media Marketing Plan From Scratch
  4. Social Media Marketing Strategy: The Complete Guide For Marketers
  5. How To Conduct A Social Media Audit
  6. How To Build A Content Strategy Using A Social Media Audit
  7. Social Media Strategy: How Much Time Does A Good Strategy Really Take?
  8. The 15-Minute Social Media Audit Everyone Can Do
  9. The 5 Keys To Building A Social Media Strategy For Your Personal Brand
  10. 10 New Social Media Strategies To Experiment With Today
  11. 7 Strategies That’ll Actually Drive You More Social Media Traffic
  12. Social Media Strategy In 8 Steps
  13. Growing A Social Following From Nothing: My Social Media Strategy
  14. The Social Media Advertising Guide For Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn
  15. Building Your Social Media Marketing Strategy For 2021

Social Media Posts

“Social media is not just an activity; it is an investment of valuable time and resources. Surround yourself with people who not just support you and stay with you, but inform your thinking about ways to WOW your online presence.” — Sean Gardner (@2morrowknight)

If you want to learn how to format your posts or want to know when to post an update on your social media channel. Then look no further!

  1. Social Media Content Types & Ideas
  2. 20 Social Media Ideas To Keep Your Brand’s Feed Fresh
  3. What Are The Best Times To Post On Social Media
  4. The Optimal Length For Every Social Media Update [Infographic]
  5. How To Create The Perfect Social Media Post [Infographic]
  6. How Often To Post To Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn And More
  7. 26 Creative Ways To Publish Social Media Updates
  8. 71 Ways To Write A Social Media Update: Tips To Engage Your Followers
  9. 30 Social Media Content Ideas And Examples For Brands
  10. Social Media Content Ideas: 20 Ways To Grow Your Following
  11. How To Create 64 Pieces Of Content In A Day 
  12. 25 Social Media Content Ideas To Level Up Your Strategy
  13. 52 Effective Social Media Post Ideas And Examples To Fill Your Calendar
  14. How To Find Your Best Time To Post On Social Media
  15. The Best Times To Post On Social Media In 2020

Social Media Tips

“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you.” — Bonnie Sainsbury (@bsainsbury)

If you do it right then social media can be the most lucrative marketing tool for your business. Here, I have curated some of the best resources to help you streamline your social media marketing campaigns.

  1. Social Media Marketing Tips For Every Platform
  2. 40 Social Media Marketing Tips Every Marketer Should Know
  3. 15 Social Media Tips To Elevate Your Marketing Strategy
  4. How To Research And Locate Your Audience Using Social Media
  5. How To Write A Professional Bio For Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook & Google+
  6. 17 Quick Wins To Boost Your Social Media Marketing Right Away
  7. 7 Obsolete Social Media Tactics You’re Wasting Your Time On
  8. How To Build Brand Advocates Through Social Media Marketing
  9. 15 Essential Social Media Marketing Tips From Beginner To Advanced
  10. How To Use Your Blog To Leverage Social Proof And Increase Your Authority
  11. 6 Research-Backed Ways To Get More Followers On Social Media
  12. Social Media Attribution: How To Get Started With Measuring
  13. Make Your Content More Shareable With These 5 Tricks, Backed By Research
  14. How To Build An Outreach Strategy To Earn More Social Shares
  15. How to Calculate the ROI of Your Social Media Campaigns [Infographic]
  16. Social Media Engagement: Why It’s Important And How To Do It Well


  1. Facebook Marketing: The Ultimate Guide
  2. Essential Facebook Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide
  3. Facebook Marketing: How To Use Facebook To Market Your Business
  4. Facebook Marketing In 2020: How To Use Facebook For Business
  5. 7 Steps To An Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy
  6. Facebook Marketing Strategy: Why You Need One & How To Build It
  7. How To Combine Facebook Ads And Content For Better Results
  8. 105 Facebook Advertising Case Studies
  9. 10 Things I’ve Learned While Learning Facebook Ads
  10. 22 Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses On A Budget


  1. Twitter Marketing In 2021: The Ultimate Guide
  2. The Beginner’s Guide To Twitter
  3. Essential Twitter Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide
  4. How To Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers [Infographic]
  5. 15 Twitter Hacks That Will Turn You Into A Twitter Ninja
  6. 7 Counterintuitive Twitter Tips To Get More Out of Twitter
  7. Twitter Marketing: The Only Guide You Need To Succeed
  8. Twitter Marketing: The Complete Guide For Business


  1. The Beginner’s Guide To LinkedIn Marketing
  2. How to Use LinkedIn for Business: A Step-by-Step Guide For Marketers
  3. 7 Tips to Rev Up Your LinkedIn Marketing Game
  4. Essential LinkedIn Marketing Resources: A Complete Guide
  5. Secret LinkedIn Strategies Of A 10-Year Power User
  6. 5 LinkedIn Marketing Strategies
  7. How To Advertise On LinkedIn: A Beginner’s Guide


  1. The Youtube Marketing Hub | Backlinko
  2. YouTube Marketing: The Ultimate Guide
  3. The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing
  4. The Complete Guide To YouTube Marketing In 2020
  5. YouTube Marketing | A Complete Beginner’s Guide
  6. 57 Fascinating and Incredible YouTube Statistics

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  1. Pinterest: A Guide For Marketers
  2. The Ultimate Guide To Pinterest Marketing
  3. 25 Do’s And Don’ts For Your Pinterest Marketing Strategy
  4. 56 Ways to Market Your Business On Pinterest
  5. Pinterest SEO: A Guide For Businesses
  6. Pinterest SEO: What Are Your Customers Searching For?
  7. 12 Pinterest SEO Tips For High-Traffic Success
  8. Pinterest SEO: 12 Tips To Optimize Your Pins For Search
  9. Pinterest For Business: 8 Strategies You Need to Know
  10. Pinterest Influencers: Interests And Activity Patterns


  1. Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide
  2. The 21 Best Instagram Marketing Tips For 2021 (Cheat Sheet)
  3. A Complete Guide To Instagram Marketing
  4. Instagram Marketing: 4 Ways To Update Your Strategy
  5. How To Gain A Massive Following On Instagram
  6. How to Rapidly Grow Your Instagram Followers
  7. Instagram For Business: $1.80 Strategy Will Grow Your Brand, Business


  1. The Ultimate Guide To TikTok Marketing
  2. How To Create A Successful TikTok Marketing Strategy
  3. The Rise Of TikTok: A Guide For Marketers
  4. How 7 Brands Are Using TikTok
  5. 10 Brands Killing It On TikTok (And Their Strategy)
  6. TikTok Advertising: The Ultimate Guide for Marketers

The Rest

  1. The Web Marketer’s Guide To Reddit
  2. How To Use Quora For Marketing
  3. The Incredibly Simple Guide To Using Quora For Marketing
  4. How To Create A Quora Marketing Strategy For Your Business
  5. How To Get Massive Traffic From Quora (1,000s Of Leads In Months)

Everything Else

  1. 30 Little-Known Features Of The Social Media Sites You Use Every Day
  2. How To Get Your First 1,000 Followers on Every Major Social Network
  3. The Marketing Guide To Vine, Instagram, Vimeo, YouTube & Hangouts
  4. 6 Ways To Grow YouTube Subscribers And Your Exposure
  5. Why Small Businesses Need Social Media Influencers

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Social Media Marketing Case Studies

“Going viral is not an outcome; it’s a happening. Sometimes it happens; sometimes it doesn’t. Just remember, fans are vanity and sales are sanity.” — Lori Taylor (@lorirtaylor)

You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel,” instead learn from the competitors and their success stories. Also, it’s a good idea to take advantage of the best practices followed by different brands.

  1. 10 Unforgettable Customer Service Stories
  2. 7 Creative Social Media Marketing Mini Case Studies
  3. 40 Expert Social Media Strategies
  4. 50 Social Media Case Studies You Should Bookmark
  5. How Coke, Cadbury, McDonald’s, Nike, Walmart & Microsoft Uses Social Media
  6. The Buzzfeed Approach To Social Media Strategy
  7. Inside Buffer’s Social Media Strategy & Stats
  8. 7 Social Media Experiments That Grew Our Traffic By 241%
  9. 10 Social Media Mistakes We’ve Made (And How to Avoid Them)
  10. We’ve Lost Nearly Half Our Social Referral Traffic In The Last 12 Months

Social Media Blogs

Hand-picking social media blogs and tools was the biggest challenge when I was writing this blog post. Here’s a list of must-follow blogs to stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends and happenings.

  1. Social Media Examiner
  2. Social Media Today
  3. Buffer
  4. RazorSocial
  5. Boom Social
  6. Social Fresh
  7. Sprout Social
  8. Moz
  9. Mashable

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Social Media Tools

Social Media Tools

Here is a list of over twenty essential social media tools (they are either free or freemium!) to streamline your social media marketing campaigns. And if you are looking for a comprehensive list of tools — organized by category — then check out Social Media Tools 101.

  1. Hootsuite — is perhaps the most popular social media dashboard to manage all your social networks. Also try, TweetDeck (an official app by Twitter to manage all your Twitter accounts).
  2. SocialOomph — is another social app that supports multiple social networks, RSS feeds, post scheduling, URL shortening, etc.
  3. Postific — helps businesses find new customers and analyze their social engagement. You are allowed to connect unlimited social accounts and it features post scheduling, RSS feeds, engagement and leads tracking, etc.
  4. SumAll — is an all-in-one social media analytics and business dashboard that shows a comprehensive view of your social media and e-commerce data.
  5. BuzzSumo — to find out the best performing content of your competitors.
  6. Social Crawlytics — to identify the influencers in your niche and to discover your competitor’s most shared content.
  7. Mention — allows you to create custom alerts based on keywords (it can be your name, brand, or competitors) so that you will be be informed in real-time of any mention on the web (including social networks).
  8. Social Mention — is a social media search engine that searches user-generated content on web 2.0 sites.
  9. Sniply — attach a call-to-action to every link that you share.
  10. IFTTT — to connect all your web 2.0 apps (including social networks and productivity apps) to automate actions. Also try, Zapier.
  11. KnowEm — to reserve your brand name on all popular social networks. It checks your desired username on over 500 popular social networks. Also try, NameChk.
  12. ShareGrab — to find the most shareable content from any Facebook page.
  13. Canva —  is a free image creation tool for beginners and professionals.
  14. Awesome Screenshot —  is the best screen capture tool for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Also try, Page2Images, JingEvernote Skitch.
  15. PicMonkey — is my favorite web-based photo editor.
  16. Meme Generator —  is a free meme generator that you can use to create your own meme or to browse the most popular Internet memes.
  17. Topsy —  is a social search, monitoring, and analytics tool that’s maintaining a comprehensive index of all Tweets since 2006.
  18. Friend or Follow — to unfollow people who are not following you back.
  19. — is a Twitter management software that helps you manage your Twitter relationships, followers, lists with free analytics and social insights. Also try, ManageFlitter.

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Browser Extensions

You can’t live without your favorite browser extensions, right? It really saves a lot of time and makes us smarter. I have cherry-picked over ten browser extensions that are related to social media in one way or the other.

If you are looking for a comprehensive list then check out Productivity Extensions and SEO Extensions for Google Chrome.

  1. Evernote — lets you capture anything — from full web pages to bookmarks to screenshots.
  2. Pocket —  save web pages in just one-click and access it from any of your devices — even when you are offline.
  3. Feedly — is the best RSS reader to organize, read and share your daily news.
  4. Awesome Screenshot — lets you capture the whole page or any portion, annotate it with rectangles, circles, arrows, lines and text, etc. in few clicks.
  5. Pin It Button — is the official Pinterest extension that lets you pin things that you find on the web.
  6. Bitly — is the most popular URL shortening tool that is also good for updating your Twitter or Facebook account.
  7. Buffer — is the best app to schedule your social media posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
  8. Open SEO Stats — is one of my favorite Google Chrome extension as it shows a ton of marketing stats in one-click.

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“Social media is here. It’s not going away; not a passing fad. Be where your customers are: in social media.” — Lori Ruff (@loriruff)

If you want to leverage the power of social media then you have to listen to your audience. Remember, whatever you share on your social networks must be relevant and useful.

Have I missed your favorite social media marketing resource? If so, do let me know and I will be happy to list it.

Happy Networking & Marketing! 🙂

First Published: January, 2015; Last Updated: Sunday, February 14, 2021.