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maheshone | your personal evangelist | Mahesh Mohan
Hey there,

I'm Mahesh!
A Digital Creator
& Content Designer

Over the past 17 years, I have acquired a wide array of skill sets, thanks to my love for perfecting all that I’m passionate about — writing, designing, coding, and marketing to recording, broadcasting, podcasting, and whatnot!

In the process, I learned and experimented with a lot of tech and marketing stuff online (and still do it). And if there is one thing that gives me maximum creative satisfaction, it’s solving problems that small businesses face.

Because I have literally seen people spending hours trying to figure out tiny things when they could easily do it with a little (digital) hack. And that’s why I now work with small businesses to help them go digital.

Years of Experience
Hours of Fanaticism
Personal Projects
Cups of Coffee

The Pursuit of Perfection

I have hands-on experience with designing, coding, marketing, content creation and finance, and I’m excited to offer you a personalized portfolio of these services. As they say, the journey has only just begun…

Web Designing70
Affiliate Marketing90
Search Engine Marketing80
Social Media Marketing60
Display Advertising70
Email Marketing40
Influencer Marketing30
My Journey

Connecting The Dots...

Fast-forward today, I have embraced a minimalistic approach towards work, life, and everything in between.

maheshone | your personal evangelist | Mahesh Mohan

Me, Myself & I 

I started learning and experimenting web 2.0 stuff back in 2004 and eventually became a full-time digital nerd after graduation (and I still am).

Tasted the flavor of digital marketing for the first time via affiliate marketing in 2005. And created a bunch of websites in those times, and then tried different online marketing strategies to promote and make money out of it.

Along with all this, I started working with businesses to help them get the most out of the web by offering personalized services. And was fortunate enough to generate hundreds of thousands of leads for Microsoft, Yahoo, and other companies in just a year.

Outside of that, I also spend A LOT of time doing random things (oh yeah, check out 181 random facts about me) and I’m equally passionate about the capital markets.

Needless to say, I never had a 9-to-5 job ever in my life. THIS made me realize that the biggest luxury in our (or at least my) life is the freedom to do whatever you want to and the privilege to say NO to whatever you don’t want.

#CapitalMarket #PersonalFinance

My Financial Corner

Onevestor is my personal finance journal, founded in 2009, to archive and share my financial thoughts and learnings and findings. The word ‘Onevestor’ is a portmanteau of ‘one and investor’. I coined the term to represent solo-investors or retail investors ('coz I was one of them!).