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The Great YouTube Marketing Handbook

Videos are the future of content marketing. And YouTube has the most extensive video library on the planet. Over 500 hours of video are uploaded every single minute on YouTube, and it attracts billions of people every single month.

The Great YouTube Marketing Handbook
The Great YouTube Marketing Handbook

YouTube is not just a video sharing platform. It’s the world’s second largest search engine and the second most visited website (after Google). And that’s not all. YouTube is also the second most popular social network (after Facebook) with almost 2 billion users.

We users watch over 1 billion hours of YouTube videos every single day, and it’s more than Facebook + Netflix combined. Seventy percent of YouTube videos come from a mobile devices.  93% of the most-watched videos were music videos.

One-third of total time online is spent watching videos, and YouTube has more than a billion active users. The platform is so extensive that it can be accessed in 76 different languages, accounting for 95% of the world’s population. — HubSpot

If you are still not convinced about video marketing (or rather YouTube Marketing) then this infographic is the answer.

YouTube Stats 2021
YouTube Stats 2021

So first things first.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is using videos to promote and market your product or service, increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your consumers and customers, and reach your audience with a new medium. — HubSpot

101+ YouTube Marketing Resources, Tips, Strategies & Tools

The purpose of this YouTube Marketing handbook is to curate some of the best video marketing resources for you. And if you are also looking for more digital marketing resources then check out all my handbooks. So here is the comprehensive list of YouTube Marketing (and Video Marketing) resources that I have collected over the past many, many months.

YouTube Guides

  1. The Youtube Marketing Hub | Backlinko
  2. How To Make A YouTube Video (Free Template) | TechSmith
  3. How To Create a YouTube Channel And Promote It Successfully | SEMrush
  4. YouTube Marketing: The Ultimate Guide | HubSpot
  5. The Ultimate Guide To Video Marketing | HubSpot
  6. The Complete Guide To YouTube Marketing In 2020 | HootSuite
  7. YouTube Marketing | A Complete Beginner’s Guide | AdEspresso
  8. 57 Fascinating and Incredible YouTube Statistics | Brandwatch
  9. YouTube Shorts: An Introductory Guide | Search Engine Journal

YouTube Content Strategy

  1. Find Niche Content With YouTube | Think with Google
  2. How To Create Great Content | YouTube Creator Academy
  3. YouTube Content Development: Lessons From BrandLab | Think with Google
  4. YouTube Playbook — Build a Content Plan | Think with Google
  5. YouTube Playbook — Create Great Content | Think with Google
  6. How To Use Google Trends For YouTube | Search Engine Journal
  7. How To Create a YouTube Strategy For 2021 | Influencer Marketing Hub

YouTube SEO

  1. YouTube SEO: How To Rank YouTube Videos In 2021 | Backlinko
  2. 18 Tips For Optimizing Your Videos On YouTube | TubeBuddy
  3. The Ultimate Guide To Ranking Videos | SEO Hacker
  4. We Analyzed 1.3 Million YouTube Videos. Here’s What We Learned | Backlinko
  5. How Does the YouTube Algorithm Work? A Guide to Getting More Views | HootSuite
  6. YouTube SEO for Beginners: 10 Best Practices to Get You Started | Search Engine Journal
  7. How to Grow Your YouTube Channel in 2021 | Backlinko
  8. YouTube Algorithm: 7 Key Findings You Must Know | Search Engine Journal
  9. How YouTube Generates & Ranks Suggested Videos | Search Engine Journal
  10. 10 Amazing Tips to Boost Your YouTube Ranking | Build My Plays
  11. 21 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Video | Backlinko

How To Get More Subscribers

  1. 14 Proven Ways to Get More Views on YouTube | Ahrefs
  2. How to Get Subscribers on YouTube (12 Easy and Free Ways) | SEMrush
  3. 9 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers | Ahrefs
  4. How to Reach a Non-English-Speaking YouTube Audience | Social Media Examiner
  5. 12 Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube | WordStream
  6. 17 Ways to Get More Views on YouTube In 2021 | Backlinko
  7. 17 Ways to Get More YouTube Subscribers (2021) | Backlinko
  8. How to Promote Your YouTube Channel to Maximize Views | Sprout Social


  1. 7 Expert Tips: How to Get YouTube to Recommend Your Video | Tubular Labs
  2. NGDATA | 50 Expert YouTube Video Marketing Tips and Strategies | NGDATA
  3. What Topic Does YouTube Think Your Video is About? | vidIQ
  4. Eight tips for a killer YouTube strategy | Econsultancy
  5. 12 Killer YouTube Marketing Tips (That Actually Work) | Unbox Social

Make Money

  1. How to Make Money on YouTube: 6 Effective Strategies | HootSuite
  2. How YouTube Creators Make Money | Search Engine Journal
  3. How Much Do Youtubers Make & How to Become a Youtuber | MintLife Blog
  4. How to Make Money on YouTube | Wix

On YouTube (Quick Reference)

  1. YouTube Partner Program — The YouTube Partner Program (YPP) gives creators greater access to YouTube resources and features.
  2. YouTube BrandConnect — A platform for Creators and Brands to collaborate.
  3. YouTube Creators — The official home for creator resources and benefits available to help you make great videos, find your audience, and grow your channel on YouTube.
  4. YouTube Creator Academy — Grow your channel now with free online courses.
  5. YouTube Premieres — YouTube Premieres lets you and your viewers watch and experience a new video together.
  6. Community Posts — Creators with access to the Community posts can interact with viewers using rich media. Community posts can include polls, GIFs, text, images, and video. Community posts can give you more reach on YouTube and greater engagement with your audience.
  7. YouTube Advanced Settings — Set up YouTube exactly how you want it.
  8. YouTube Channel Settings — Use the Channel dashboard to get an overview of recent activity on your channel, and learn what’s new and interesting on YouTube.
  9. YouTube Live Stream — Live streaming lets you engage with your audience in real time with a video feed, chat, and more.

YouTube Marketing For Business

  1. Video Marketing Trends 2019 | Yum Yum Videos
  2. YouTube for Business Marketing: Why and How to Use It | Dr. Soft
  3. 7 Data-Backed Benefits Of Using YouTube To Market Your Business | Bluleadz
  4. 8 Massive Benefits of Using YouTube For Business | Grow

Recording, Video Making & Editing Tools

  1. Camtasia (Paid) — Camtasia is an all-in-one screen recorder and video editor to create video tutorials and other instructional videos.
  2. Wondershare Filmora (Paid) — Wondershare Filmora is a simple video editor that empowers your stories, download the latest version X to transform precious moments into stunning videos for sharing anywhere.
  3. Adobe Premiere Pro (Paid) — Premiere Pro is the industry-leading video editing software for film, TV and the web.
  4. iMovie — iMovie is a free video editing software by Apple for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
  5. InVideo — InVideo is a video creator that offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of templates, and robust editing features to streamline video production and storytelling.
  6. KineMaster — KineMaster is an easy-to-use, full-featured mobile video editor loaded with powerful tools.
  7. Pixlr — Lets you edit photos right in your browser for free.
  8. Screencast-O-Matic — An online screen Recorder & video editor.
  9. VideoScribe — VideoScribe is software for creating whiteboard animations automatically.
  10. Vyond — Create videos for your business with Vyond’s animation software tool.
  11. Powtoon — Create unique and beautiful videos and presentations easily with Powtoon.
  12. Animoto — Create and share videos for free with Animoto’s video maker. Combine your photos and video clips with music to make professional videos that’ll impress.
  13. Wideo — Create professional animated videos for your marketing campaigns in minutes. Make explainer videos, product presentation videos, promo videos and more.
  14. Biteable — Make standout videos in a snap with the Biteable video maker.
  15. Headliner— Promote your podcast, radio show or blog with video.
  16. Cameleon Live — Live streaming software for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad.
  17. Repurpose — is an easy-to-use automation platform that will grow your online presence
    without you spending hours publishing to multiple platforms.
  18. Animoto  — Create and share videos for free with Animoto’s video maker. Combine your photos and video clips with music to make professional videos that’ll impress.
  19. Trint — Trint’s AI powered audio transcription software quickly converts audio & video files to text. Transcribe, edit, share and collaborate to unleash your team’s productivity.
  20. Canva — Canva is a graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content.

YouTube Tools

Here is a list of over twenty essential social media tools (they are either free or freemium!) to streamline your social media marketing campaigns.

  1. YouTube Studio — YouTube Studio is the home for creators. You can manage your presence, grow your channel, interact with your audience, and make money all in one place.
  2. Open Broadcaster Software — OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) is free and open source software for video recording and live streaming.
  3. Youtube DataViewer — YouTube Data Viewer is a simple tool to extract hidden data from videos hosted on YouTube.
  4. YouTube Ads — Help accelerate your channel’s growth with an effective advertising strategy.
  5. YouTube Select — YouTube’s premium advertising program.
  6. Ahrefs YouTube Keyword Tool —See search volumes for any keyword on YouTube for 229 countries.
  7. YouTube Keyword Tool — Get list of popular video tags and hashtags in real-time.
  8. YouTube Tag Generator — Grow your YouTube channel by creating videos targeting the right tags.
  9. TubeBuddy — TubeBuddy is a free YouTube channel management and video optimization toolkit.
  10. SocialBlade — Social Blade gives all users access to our public database which, using advanced technology, is able to provide you with global analytics for any content creator, live streamer, or brand.
  11. Woobox Youtube Page Tabs — Display YouTube videos and channels on a Facebook Page Tab.
  12. vidIQ — vidIQ helps you acquire the tools and knowledge needed to grow your audience faster on YouTube and beyond.
  13. SendFox — Grow your audience with email campaigns, automations, and landing pages that integrate your content.
  14. NoxInfluencer — Helps you to estimate the earnings of any YouTube Channel in an easy way.
  15. Google Trends — Check out what’s popular on Google and YouTube.

Premium Tools

  1. Viral Content Bee — Increase your traffic by 200% by putting your content in front of eager social media influencers!
  2. — Find great keywords using YouTube autocomplete.
  3. Vidooly — Vidooly is an online video analytics & marketing company that provides video analytics tool & video marketing services to content creators, advertisers & media companies.
  4. Hootsuite for YouTube — Easily schedule and share YouTube videos across all your social networks right from Hootsuite.
  5. Keywords Everywhere — The best tool for keyword research.
  6. Agorapulse — An easy to use social media management software that allows you to drive engagement and build authentic relationships on one platform.
  7. BuzzSumo — Run a search to quickly discover content ideas, uncover platform insights, identify passionate influencers and more.
  8. CoSchedule Marketing Suite — A family of agile marketing tools that will help you stay focused, deliver projects on time, and make your team happy.
  9. Tubics — Tubics gives you data-driven ideas for YouTube videos that get you views and brand awareness in your niche.
  10. Brand24 — Get instant access to brand mentions across social, news, blogs, videos, forums, podcasts, reviews and more.
  11. Wistia — Video marketing software for business.
  12. Unbox Social — Empower your social media with meaningful data-based decisions with Unbox Social.

Closing Thoughts

Now you have almost all the YouTube marketing resources that you will ever need. I’m pretty sure that once you have gone through the above resources you will learn a lot of YouTube marketing strategies, and find a ton of tips and tricks that you will want to put into practice.

I was NEVER a fan of video content and I always preferred blog posts over YouTube. The reason was pretty simple. When you’re searching for a tutorial on YouTube, you may have to watch multiple videos to find what you’re looking for. Thanks to misleading titles, thumbnails, and click-baits.

On the flip side, when you’re searching for a tutorial on Google, you can always open multiple web pages at the same time and close all the irrelevant ones after scanning them.

But that’s just me. When it comes to the bigger audience, they prefer video content over text. It took me years to realize this transition, and that’s why I started my first YouTube Channel (in my native language) only in 2018. Now I’m happy that I did because I learned so much about YouTube Branding, YouTube SEO, YouTube Click-baits, YouTube Marketing, and whatnot.

If I have missed your favorite YouTube marketing resource, or a tool, or an aspect of YouTube marketing, then feel free to contact me. I would gladly add it to the list (if I find it relevant and useful).

Happy Marketing! 🙂