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Top 50 Google Chrome Productivity Extensions For Bloggers

Google Chrome

I was trying to identify some of the best Google Chrome extensions for Bloggers, Content Marketers, and SEOs. While it’s almost impossible to list all of them I’ve shortlisted some of the best extensions for Bloggers and SEOs.

In this blog post I’ll feature 50 best extensions for bloggers and in the upcoming blog post I’ll focus only on SEO and will feature the best Chrome extension for SEOs, Link Builders and Marketers.

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50 Best Google Chrome Extensions

I have tried my best to avoid duplicate extensions to make sure that no two extensions serve the same purpose. Instead of listing duplicate extensions as separate entries I added them as alternatives so that you can consider them.

1. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote is the hottest note-taker app and it’s the easiest way to share, bookmark and save online stuff. The Evernote Web Clipper allows you to capture anything – from full webpages to bookmarks to screenshots. If you’re looking for task managers and not note-takers then try Todoist,, Google Keep.

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2. Pocket


Pocket (formerly Read It Later) is a save for later app. If you find some article on the Internet, but do not have the time to read it, Pocket is the app that will save it for you. In just one-click, the webpages are saved automatically and sync to your PC, tablet or phone, allowing you to view it anytime. You can also try Pickpocket which is the best unofficial Pocket extension for Chrome. And I also recommend that you download the Pocket Chrome app so that can read all your saved articles offline.

3. Feedly Counter

Feedly Counter is an unofficial Feedly extension for Google Chrome and it shows the unread items in your Feedly account. The official Feedly extension only acts as a bookmark and it doesn’t show the unread items. Alternatives: Feedly Notifier, Feedly Checker.

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4. Last Pass

LastPass is the most popular manager and form filler. It is also available for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera and Safari. If you prefer Google Chrome’s inbuilt password manager then you can try Autocomplete = On extension. It allows you to save passwords from secured pages as it changes ‘autocomplete=off’ to ‘autocomplete=on’ in web pages so that all your passwords can be saved to Chrome.

5. Yet Another Google Bookmark Extension (YAGBE)

YAGBE is the best Google Bookmarks extension to display all the saved Google Bookmarks in the form of tree. It manages, , sorts and searches for all your Google Bookmarks.

6. Screen Capture (by Google)

Screen Capture (by Google)

If you want to capture the whole page or a visible region then Screen Capture by Google is the extension that does it in the best way as it allows you to edit the image before saving. You can save images as PNG or JPEG by changing screenshot quality settings. Alternatives: Awesome Screenshot, FireShot.

7. Clearly

Clearly makes articles and blog posts easy and clean to read. In a seamless and unique view, Clearly allows its users to browse through multi-pages in an article, making the online reading experience astonishing in its own way. Features like built-in highlighter, text-to-speech and organizing make it more impressive.

8. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary (by Google) is one of my favorite Chrome extensions. You can double-click any word in Chrome to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble. The best part is that you can also view the definitions of phrases using a shortcut key that you set and the foreign language words are automatically translated in the language that you have chosen.

9. Search by Image

Search by Image

Search by Image is a simple extension that allows the user to initiate a Google search by using any specific image from the web. It’s definitely the easiest way to do a reverse image search on Google and it’s addictive. You can right-click any image on Chrome and use the “Search Google with this image” context menu.

10. Bitly

With Bitly extension, you can easily, yet quickly save and share any webpage you want. Bitly can curate bitmarks into bundles and it supports easy social sharing (Facebook, Twitter and e-mail).

11. Page Refresh

Page Refresh

If you’re looking for a way to refresh the browser page, Page Refresh is the extension you need. CTRL+SHIFT+R are magic keys that make the page auto-refresh on a selected interval. So you can hide the Page Refresh icon from the address bar.

12. Insert Text

Insert Text

With the Insert Text extension, the user is allowed to insert a saved text block in all types of editable fields. Just by right clicking on the place you have to insert it in, you will quickly enter what you want to write. It works efficiently with any rich text editor, input field and email accounts like Yahoo!, Hotmail and Gmail.

13. Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank

Alexa Traffic Rank is the official extension that brings you the Alexa traffic panel. Without the breaking through your browsing, the Alexa Traffic Rank provides with the data side by side. Of course, Alexa Traffic rank doesn’t matter but still it’s the easiest way to check the popularity of a website among webmasters. It’s true that almost all SEO extensions (like PageRank Status, SEO Site Tools, etc.) show Alexa Traffic rank but I prefer this official extension as it shows the traffic rank on mouse hover so we don’t have to wait. And when you click the extension icon it opens the traffic panel and shows detailed stats. Alternatives: WOT, SimilarWeb.

14. PageRank Status

PageRank Status

PageRank Status is my favorite SEO extension for Chrome. Because it’s super-fast and shows SEO Stats (Alexa, PageRank, Archive,org and Google Cache information, Backlinks, Pages Indexed, IP Information, etc.), Traffic Stats (Alexa, Quantcast, Compete), Site Information (Geo Information, Name Server, Social Sharing, Site Security, etc.), Page Information (Meta Tags, Headings, Canonical, etc.), Link Profile, Page Speed, Shortcuts to Tools in almost no time.

15. Rapportive


With Rapportive, you can view every detail about your contacts in your Gmail inbox. You can see the contact details and the whereabouts of the person who e-mailed you. Also try, Sidekick, FullContact.

16. Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail allows you to schedule messages on any date or time you want. Whether you are online or not, the extension will send your email on the date mentioned.

17. Buffer

Buffer is the smartest way to share content to your social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+) from anywhere on the web, with just one click. You can click the Buffer extension icon (or use right-click context menu) to share the current webpage immediately or to add to your queue.

18. Google Publisher Toolbar

Google Publisher Toolbar is the official extension to view your AdSense, DoubleClick and AdExchange account data without opening a new webpage. Moreover, summary reporting on the entire ad unit including estimated revenue, RPM and performance metrics are also shown.

19. Diigo Web Collector

Mark it up, save it, bookmark it or even make a screenshot out of it, the Diggo Web Collector is the all-in-one Chrome extension and a must-have tool for research. You can easily access the data from your Android devices, iPad or iPhone easily.

20. StumbleUpon

With over 100 million webpages incorporated, the easiest and the quickest way to discover best streaming videos, photos and websites is through StumbleUpon. All you have to do is enter all the interests/topics that you like and then click the button. A list of astonishing recommendations will feast upon your eyes. For bloggers and content marketers it’s a good tool to discover interesting content.

21. Google Webspam Report

Google Webspam Report

As the name indicates, the Google Webspam Report extension allows you to report spam in search results to Google.

22. Hover Zoom

As the name reckons, Hover Zoom allows you to view images in the full size, without opening a new page. Move the mouse cursor on the thumbnail of the image and the picture will automatically enlarge.

23. Note Anywhere

Regardless of what web page you have landed on, with Note Anywhere, you can make notes anywhere, anytime. Every time you open the webpage again, the notes you made will be loaded automatically.

24. Simple Time Track

Always running on background, the Simple Time Track extension allows you to add tasks and track down the time you spend on them. You can hold multiple tasks, depending upon your requirements.

25. StayFocusd

One of the best productivity extensions for Google Chrome is StayFocusd. Stay Focused allows you to work with full focus by restricting the amount of time you waste on other online activities. Once the allotted time reaches the dial, the blocked sites (done by you) will be inaccessible for the entire day.

26. Copy Fixer

Copy Fixer

Copy Fixer is not a popular extension and has less than 5,000 downloads as of today but it’s quite useful when you want to copy the current page’s Title and URL using a simple shortcut key. While browsing a web page simply press Ctrl + C (or Command +C) and this extension will copy that page’s title and URL to the clipboard. The text format would be like:



Now if you have selected some image, text, or anything else then this extension does nothing and it doesn’t change the original function of Ctrl + C keyboard shortcut.

27. OneTab


With OneTab, you can save 95% of your browser’s memory and can reduce the tab clutter. When you have multiple tabs open you can click the OneTab icon and it will convert all the tabs into a list. When you want to access those tabs again you can restore all of them in one-click. It not only makes the browser clean but also reduces the CPU load and saves memory so that your PC will resume more quickly from sleep.

28. Google +1 Button

Google +1 Button an official extension by Google that lets you +1 and share any web page to your Google+ account in one-click.

29. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus is one of the most popular Google Chrome extension with over 10 million downloads. It blocks tracking, malware, social media buttons, and ads (including ads on YouTube and Facebook).

30. Word Count Tool

Word Count Tool is a nifty tool that lets you count the number of words and characters in the selected text. Just select a paragraph or even a full web page, and click the option “Word Count Tool” on the right click context menu. It shows total number of words and characters along with number of sentences, paragraphs, average sentence length & word length.

31. ScribeFire

ScribeFire is a blog editor that lets you publish a blog post to all of your blogs. You can edit, schedule & delete a blog post and can even add tags, categories, and images. It supports WordPress,, Typepad, Livejournal, Xanga, or any other service that supports MetaWeblog or Movable Type APIs.

32. Gmelius for Gmail

Gmelius for Gmail helps you boost your email productivity. It allows you to customize your Gmail experience to some extent. For example, you can regain some space and enjoy a cleaner inbox with no ads. It also helps you protect your privacy by detecting ad blocking email tracking services.

33. Checker Plus for Gmail

If you are using the official Google Mail Checker extension then you are going to love Checker Plus for Gmail as it offers a lot of additional features and options.

34. Snagit

Snagit lets you take screenshots or screen recordings of anything on your screen. You can capture your desktop, or browser, or any other specific application.

35. Ballloon

Ballloon is an extension which helps you collect images, pics, pdf or link directly to your Dropbox and Google Drive without downloading steps.

36. Pushbullet

Pushbullet lets you instantly push links and files between devices from your web browser. It also pulls notifications from your Android device so that you can see who’s calling or can read/reply to a text message even if your phone is in silent mode.

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  1. Gmail Offline — lets you access Gmail without an internet connection.
  2. WiseStamp — enables you to share your social media profiles or a custom message in every email that you send.
  3. Page Monitor — runs in the background and monitors web pages for changes.
  4. Ginger — is a spell checker and grammar checker for Google Chrome. Also try, Spell Checker for Chrome.
  5. MightyText — lets you send and receive text messages from Google Chrome. It syncs with your Android phone and alerts you when your phone has low battery.
  6. TrashMail — lets you create disposable emails on

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Have I missed your favorite Google Chrome Extension?  If so, let me know as a comment below!

First Published: January 3, 2014; Last Updated: December, 2014