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Forget Content Marketing, Let’s Focus On Content Curation


A content curator is someone who aggregates content from across the web. They’re not the ones who copy stuff from the Internet and repost the same on social media, blogs, etc. Content curators are passionate about what they share and hence they “curate” content before sharing by adding more information and value to it.

Content Curation is different from Content Creation because curators don’t generate any significant content by themselves. Their primary goal is to find interesting stuff and then re-publish the same by adding their own views about the content.

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Why Content Curators?

The internet is an information superhighway. People post gazillions of photos, videos, articles, etc. on the Internet every single day such that no software can sort them. What’s more? It contains a good amount of spam too which machines can’t recognize.

According to Fast Company, “Curation is the act of individuals with a passion for a content area to find, contextualize, and organize information.” and that exactly is the reason why curators are the new superheros of the web.

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Let’s say I’m passionate about “Technology”. So what I’ll be doing is reading the popular tech magazines, blogs, following events, etc. so that I keep myself up-to-date about the latest happenings in the industry. People who want to follow technology the way I do can follow my updates instead of reading multiple blogs, magazines, etc. as they may contain too much irrelevant information for them.

The best example is Mashable and TechCruch. Both of them cover almost all technology stuff but the fact is that they post too much unwanted stuff. I have even unsubscribed from their RSS feeds as most of their articles have nothing to do with me. But at the same time most of the popular content by Mashable or TechCruch reaches me, thanks to Zite.

To Bloggers…

You don’t need original ideas to write a great blog post. All you need is passion and an ability to curate content. If you can’t write original blog posts then start curating content.

If you really add more value to the original content by acting as an expert yourself and giving an unbiased view on the story then users will like your content and it will rank higher on search engines.

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In order to succeed it’s better to focus on niche topics instead of targeting a whole industry. For example, if you’re an iPhone fanatic then you can focus on three hashtags – Apple, #iOS, and #iPhone.

Once you start curating content you’ll get more ideas and can start sharing other tech stuff that’s somehow related to your primary topics. But make sure you’re consistent and share almost everything that’s digital media (articles, photos, videos, audio, e-books, infographics, podcasts etc.) related to your topic.

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Now, want to become a content curator? Here’s a a 17-step guide to be a formidable content curator and also learn how content curation can improve your search rankings.

Happy Curating!