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15 Fiverr Gigs To Kickstart & Grow Your YouTube Channel

Fiverr is no longer a micro-job marketplace. It’s now home to thousands of high-value gigs where you can buy almost anything you can imagine. The good thing about Fiverr transforming from a micro-job marketplace to a full-fledged freelancing platform is that now you will get high-quality services.

Fiverr Homepage

Until few years ago, was a micro-job marketplace where every single gig was priced at $5 (plus extra $$ for add-ons). So if you were an extremely talented designer and your work was worth thousands of dollars, then Fiverr was not for you. But now Fiverr is for everyone. That’s why you can find a logo designer for $5 as well as $1,000.

Again, I am into digital marketing and know that creating backlinks for a website takes a lot of time, patience, and effort. And that makes it one of the toughest things to do in digital marketing. However, on Fiverr, you can find hundreds of gigs to buy backlinks for just $5.

But the problem is, all those gigs are low quality and it actually do more bad than good for your website. Now that Fiverr’s business model has changed, the gigs need not have a starting price of $5. So if I want to offer high quality backlink service then I can create its gigs on Fiverr, and set my starting price as $1,000 or whatever I want.

Today, Fiverr is just like any other freelance websites that connects buyers and service providers. The sellers can decide their own pricing and unlike any other freelance marketplaces, buyers don’t have to post their job to get what they want. Instead, they can simply browse various skills and immediately hire a person offering what they want.

For instance, if you are looking for a “Logo Design” for your website, then you don’t need to browse all the designers on Fiverr or post a job “I’m Looking For A Logo Design”. Instead, you can simply browse the “Logo Design” category on Fiverr and buy that perfect “Logo Design” gig.

Or, if you aren’t satisfied with the existing logo design gigs and has specific requirements then you can simply place a custom order and get offers from sellers for your project.

I joined Fiverr way back in 2012 and bought several gigs, when I knew exactly what I want. For example, I have used Fiverr to upgrade cloud storage. I have used Fiverr to increase social media followers. I have used Fiverr to create YouTube video intro and outro. And more.

Every single time I knew exactly what I wanted, what to expect from the gigs I purchased, and none of the orders were just for trial. And that’s why I never relied on Fiverr for SEO or Content Creation — all these years. Because I knew that it’s worth much more than $5.

So first things first.

Do not outsource on Fiverr when you do not know what you want. Let me explain. If you want to start a blog then you should know the steps involved in the creation of a blog and decide the steps to outsource on Fiverr.

For instance, creating a blog involves at least the following steps:

  • Buy a domain name.
  • Buy a web hosting plan.
  • Install and setup WordPress.
  • Purchase, setup, and customize a WordPress theme.
  • Install WordPress plugins.
  • Setup social media channels.
  • Design a logo.
  • Design custom blog and social media graphics.
  • Write and publish content.
  • Share blog posts on social media.
  • Update WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Moderate comments.

So you have to think what steps can be outsourced on Fiverr with a certain budget in mind for each task. In other words, Fiverr is not a good destination if you do not know the steps involved in your project.

Because, you can always find a single gig on Fiverr that offers all the above tasks in one gig, and it’s never a good idea.

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15 Fiverr Gig Ideas For YouTubers

Fiverr YouTube Store — Promote, Design, & Edit Your Channel
Fiverr YouTube Store — Promote, Design, & Edit Your Channel

Today, I am featuring all the gigs  you would probably need when starting a new YouTube Channel. Well, you might also find these gigs useful even if you already have a YouTube Channel because it can be used to outsource some time intensive tasks that you do everyday to keep the channel going.

I have featured some gigs/services from Fiverr Pro only because Fiverr contain a lot of spam and low quality gigs. It’s never a good idea to rely Fiverr for certain gigs.

For instance, I would never buy a Fiverr Gig for building backlinks, for my YouTube Channel promotion, for YouTube SEO, etc. because I believe it’s worth much more than $5 and I would trust only professionals with proven experience to do these gigs.

And that exactly is what Fiverr Pro is for. It’s a marketplace for logo design, content creation, SEO, social media marketing, voiceover, video ads, and more that features only handpicked freelancers.

1. Logo

Fiverr Logo Designs
Fiverr — Logo Design

A logo (or your YouTube profile picture) is ideally the first thing that you need to come up with when starting a YouTube Channel, right? Because it’s the first thing people notice about your channel and moreover it’s shown everywhere.

As your channel icon, on search results, on video pages, as a watermark, etc. And graphic designs are one of the most popular skills in demand on Fiverr. Here are some sample Fiverr gigs to get your logo design.

2. Channel Art

Fiverr — YouTube Channel Art Design
Fiverr — YouTube Channel Art Design

The YouTube Channel Art (or simply YouTube Header or YouTube Banner Image) is that large banner image at the top of every YouTube Channel homepage. It’s commonly used to communicate a channel’s “wow” factor as it’s the first thing people notice when they land on your channel homepage.

A Channel Art, can be used to convey your brand’s message, tagline, publishing schedule, website address, and more. So here are some Fiverr gigs to get your channel art designed.

3. Channel Description

Fiverr Brand Voice & Tone
Fiverr — Brand Voice & Tone

Channel Description is basically your “About Me” page on YouTube. You can describe your channel in 1000 characters or less. It’s a field very few channels choose to complete. Even the most popular YouTube channels (or the ones with massive subscriber base) rarely fill up the channel description.

But it’s something that you should take advantage of and if you are unable to come up with something nice then you can hire a professional to get it done. Here are some Fiverr gigs for you.

4. Video Thumbnails

Fiverr — YouTube Thumbnails
Fiverr — YouTube Thumbnails

Needless to say, thumbnails are the reason why you and me click-on that video, right? Because it’s the first thing you notice on YouTube search results and on suggestions. So here are few Fiverr gigs that offers YouTube Thumbnail designs.

5. Video Intro

Fiverr Video Intro
Fiverr — Video Intro

An intro can be a simple animation of your logo and tagline or it can be a teaser of who you are and what your brand is all about. Here are few Fiverr gigs that you can consider to create your intro video.

6. Video Outro

Fiverr Video Outro
Fiverr — Video Outro

An outro is something that people notice when they watch a complete video. So it should ideally have your call-to-action. And you can also integrate Related Videos (or Previous Videos) and a Subscribe button on your outro by making use of YouTube cards. Here are some Fiverr gigs that helps you create that custom outro video.

7. Related Videos

Fiverr YouTube Outro Banner
Fiverr — YouTube Outro Banner

If you do not have an animated video as your outro then you can consider showing a custom Related Videos banner at the end of the video. The following Fiverr gigs should give some idea.

8. Custom Subscribe Button

Fiverr Subscribe Button
Fiverr — Subscribe Button

Want to show a custom “Subscribe” button? Look no further.

9. Sound Effects

Fiverr Sound Effects
Fiverr — Sound Effects

You may or may not want to use a background score when you do a video. I normally play a background music from Envato Elements when the content is either audio-only or when there are noises in the background. If you want to have your own custom audio track then you can consider the following gigs.

10. First Hundred Subscribers

Fiverr YouTube Subscribers
Fiverr — YouTube Subscribers

It’s not a good idea to reveal the fact that you do not have even 100-500 subscribers — even if your channel is new. So you can use Fiverr to “buy” those essential first subscribers even though it doesn’t help in increasing page views or engagement in a significant way. Tip: Try to buy “Shoutouts” instead of fake subscribers.

11. Video Editing

Fiverr Video Editing Services
Fiverr — Video Editing Services

Video editing is tough. And if your budget allows it, consider the following video editing gigs on Fiverr.

12. Transcribe

Fiverr Subtitles & Captions
Fiverr — Subtitles & Captions

Closed captions (or subtitles) allow you to share your videos with a larger audience, including deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers and viewers who speak another language. And that’s not all. This is good for SEO because the YouTube algorithm will have a better idea of what your content is all about.

Also, you can use the transcriptions to create a blog post out of a video. However, the task of transcribing a video is tough and boring. Try transcribing a 10-minute video and see for yourself. So if you want to outsource that task then Fiverr is a great destination and here are few sample gigs.

13. Voiceovers

Fiverr Voice Over
Fiverr — Voice Over

You have great scripts or content ideas but don’t have enough time to make its video? No problem. You can hire a voice over person on Fiverr and convert your content into podcasts and videos.

14. YouTube Channel Management

Fiverr YouTube Channel Management
Fiverr — YouTube Channel Management

Creating content is fun but scheduling and publishing is not. If you want to focus only on content creation and want to save the time taken for writing titles and  description, keyword optimization, finding the right video tags, selecting related videos, setting cards and end screens, etc. then you might want to outsource it. Here are few Fiverr gigs that offers those services.

15. Content Creation

Whiteboard video animations, spokesperson videos, article to video conversions, screencast videos, slideshow videos, you name it!

Fiverr Video Content Creation
Fiverr — Video Content Creation

Closing Thoughts

What actually makes Fiverr unique or interesting is the fact that you can find a ton of gigs there that you probably won’t find (or at least not easily) anywhere else on the web.

While some of them are useful, unique, creative, and provide value-for-money, others are totally weird — like this, this, or this.

Happy Fiverr-ing! 🙂