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How To — Start A WordPress Blog — Install WordPress

How To Start A WordPress Blog Install WordPress

Now that you have purchased a domain name and a web hosting plan, it’s time to setup WordPress on your server. Login to Hawk Host Client Area when you receive the New Account Information email, and it’s from there that you manage various aspects of your web hosting account.

So let’s get started!

1. Hawk Host Dashboard

Hawk Host Manage Product

Go to Hawk Host Client Area > Services > My Products & Services, and click on your domain name to manage it. Click cPanel to manage the server aspects of your website. A quick note, you use the Hawk Host Client Area to manage your web hosting account and you enter the cPanel of the respective domain name to manage its website.

2. Hawk Host cPanel

Hawk Host cPanel

cPanel is your dashboard to manage various aspects of your server and thereby your website(s). For instance, you need to go to cPanel to create a subdomain like, or to setup email accounts, or to install WordPress, or to manage the files on your server, or to take a website backup, to check the disk & bandwidth usage, to manage databases, and so on. Just in case, here’s a full preview of the Hawk Host cPanel.

3. Softaculous Apps Installer

Hawk Host Softaculous Apps Installer

cPanel features and options are perfectly categorized and subcategorized into different sections. When you scroll down, you can see Softaculous Apps Installer.

Softaculous is a script library that lets you install a variety of commercial as well as open-source web applications on your website. Softaculous scripts are installed directly from the control panel of your website (cPanel in this case) and it automatically creates databases, set permission, and configure various files.

You can use the Softaculous Apps Installer to install various scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, etc. Now you want to install WordPress, right? So, click on the “WordPress” icon from the Softaculous Apps Installer menu.

4. Install WordPress

Hawk Host Install WordPress

Click “Install Now”.

5. WordPress Installation

Hawk Host WordPress Installation

Enter the basic details to set up your WordPress blog.

  • If you want to install WordPress on your domain’s root (i.e. or, then you need to leave the “In Directory” field blank (as shown above). And if you want to install WordPress on a subfolder named blog (i.e. then you need to enter “blog” in the “In Directory” field.
  • Enter the Site Name (or the name of the blog) and Site Description (or the tagline of the blog). Oh yeah, you can change it anytime.
  • Enter the Admin Username (or login id), Admin Password (or login password), and Admin Email (to reset the password and for all notifications).
  • Enter an email address (can be different from your admin email) for the “Email installation details to” field.
  • Click “Install”.

Note: If you are getting an error that says “Installation cannot proceed because the following files already exist in the target folder” then simply check the box that says “Select the checkbox to overwrite all files and continue”.

Hawk Host WordPress Installation Error Fix

6. Installing WordPress

Hawk Host Installing WordPress

Shows the progress of your WordPress installation.

7. Installed WordPress

Hawk Host Installed WordPress

Now WordPress installation is done on your server. You can access your WordPress site by clicking on your domain name. And you will get the WordPress installation details to your admin email id (provided during installation step).

8. WordPress New Installation Details

WordPress New Installation Details

Your WordPress installation details email will show your URL (or the WordPress site address), Admin URL (to enter the backend), WordPress Admin ID, and database details.