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The 23 Best Google AdSense Alternatives 2021 (TL;DR)

Google AdSense is almost unassailable when it comes to monetization simply because they have the largest ad inventory. Since pay-per-click ad networks determines the cost per click based on bidding, when more and more advertisers are bidding for the same ad position the cost per click increases naturally. That exactly is the reason why Google AdSense outperforms any other ad networks out there.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t make more money that you used to make with AdSense from other networks. For instance, if you use the right affiliate program then its earnings may be more than all your ad revenues combined. But the problem with affiliate programs is that they’re not so reliable.

For example, if your organic rankings drop then it will impact your earnings directly or if those affiliate programs reduce commissions or change their business model then it may affect your earnings. So it’s not a good idea to rely on affiliate programs alone in the long term.

The 23 Best Google AdSense Alternatives

The good thing is, there are a lot of websites to monetize our content in several ways without using AdSense. Some of them are: banner ad networks (for CPM ads), affiliate networks (for CPA ads), alternate pay-per-click ad networks (for CPC ads), text links, sponsored posts, paid guest posts, in-text ads, in-image ads, etc.

1. Infolinks


3. Sovrn

4. Bidvertiser

5. AdThrive

6. Adsterra

7. Adversal

8. GumGum

9. PropellerAds

10. AdMedia

11. Exponential

12. Adcash

13. PopAds

14. Jetpack Ads

15. LockerDome

16. Revcontent

17. Taboola

18. Blogsvertise

19. Gourmet Ads

20. SHE Media Partner Network

21. AdRecover

22. BuySellAds

23. Skimlinks

24. Amazon Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Shopping Ads

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