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How I Crushed My Organic Traffic By 90% In Less Than 2 Years

About 5 years and 291 blog posts ago, I have published an article How I Increased My Organic Traffic By 500% In 10 Months (And Doubled Them In A Year). It was all about ORGANIC TRAFFIC.

And I have explained how I started blogging in 2007 and averaged ~ 300 organic visits a day, and then how I changed my Editorial Philosophy in 2012 and multiplied the traffic by 10x in around 5 years — without spending a penny.

And now in 2020, the blog’s traffic is down quite a lot from its peak in 2017.

SPOILER: It’s got nothing to do with COVID-19. And I never wanted it to happen. Not even in my wildest dreams.

The traffic numbers are back to where it was in 2012 so I guess it’s something worth blogging about.

Before that,

On the flipside, I’m super-thrilled to tell you that I launched a YouTube Channel – Onevestor – 2 years and 193 videos ago. That’s right. It’s in my native language but I was able to publish an average of 2 videos per week ever since I launched the channel in August, 2018  – though I made it a habit to take a few weeks/months break after publishing a series of episodes.

(As an introvert, I never imagined that I would/could launch a YouTube Channel of my own due to obvious reasons. But that’s another story. 🙂

I launched THIS blog way back in 2007 and it’s the 13th blogoversary. Still, I managed to publish only 291 blog posts. And it means, I was NOT even averaging 2 blog posts per month.

If I had published 2 blog posts per week on Minterest, then I would have a total of 676 by now. And my blog’s organic traffic would have skyrocketed even more.

Anyway, coming back…

21 Steps That Will Crush Your Blog’s Traffic By 90%

So here’s how I dropped the traffic by 90% in just 2 years. These are the exact same steps that I personally followed (in no specific order) to effortlessly crush Minterest’s traffic by 90%. 😀

  1. Stop publishing new blog posts. Seriously.
  2. Do not publish 365 blog posts. It might make you a serious blogger and you’ll definitely improve your blog and of course its traffic.
  3. Stop updating the blog’s pillar content because a good chunk of your blog traffic must be because of those pillar content.
  4. Stop following your blogging niche closely and stop reading content in your niche as it may inspire you to write more blog posts.
  5. Also, always use the “Mark All As Read” button and “Read Later” feature on Feedly (or your favorite RSS reader) instead of religiously reading your latest feeds.
  6. Ignore your blog’s email list.
  7. Ignore your blog’s social media.
  8. Isolate your blog’s Google Analytics. And Google Search Console.
  9. Do not fix the technical errors on the blog and let Google push your rankings lower.
  10. Stop using your blog as a marketing channel. Or else, you will want to update the blog as frequently as possible which will boost your traffic.
  11. Turn-down all the sponsored offers that you receive from brands for your blog. Or, you will again be forced to update the blog and it will result in an increased traffic.
  12. Do not write on a daily basis. Because the more you write, the more you will want to publish. The more you publish, the more your blog’s traffic will be.
  13. Do not have an editorial calendar. Even if you have one, don’t stick with it because it will improve your blogging consistency.
  14. Do not repurpose the content. Because repurposing means you are going to attract more audience to your blog via other online mediums.
  15. Stop writing in-depth content. Because it’s one sure-fire way to increase organic blog traffic.
  16. Do not hire a copy-editor (or a freelancer) as that will speed up your content creation process.
  17. Do not promote your blog. On social media. Via outreach. Via email list. Or whatever way.
  18. Do add more research content to your Evernote but don’t do a thing about it. You know why, right?
  19. Update old blog posts once in a while instead of publishing a new one. Because that’s easier, right? And you attract less traffic.
  20. Do not leverage video content. So ignore YouTube, Instagram, because they can bring you a ton of traffic + build your personal brand.
  21. Finally, always find an excuse not to blog.

There could be more. But I guess, these are the TOP 21 TIPS that I’ve for you.

I hope you are learning a thing or two from my blog posts. If so, do share my blog posts with your friends and family on your social media channels!

Until the next blog post,

Happy Blogging! 🙂

P.S. No, I’m NOT going to stop publishing new blog posts. Minterest is always a few years away from shutting down.

P.S.S. Happy Birthday to me!! Yes, I turned 35 today! 😉