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12 Fiverr Gigs To Kickstart & Grow Your Podcast

I was never a fan of podcasts or videos. However, I ended up starting a YouTube Channel 3 years and 240 videos ago. The reason is quite simple. Video is the future of content marketing.

First things first.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is a type of digital media, usually audio, that is available in a series of episodes or parts — on a variety of topics — and is streamed or downloaded by the end user over the Internet.

During the last decade, digital media has changed significantly. The primary reason is digital technology is cheaper than ever before. And high speed data is everywhere. This led to a meteoric rise in the number of connected devices.

Here are 3 quick stats that shows this change:

  • Mobile internet usage has surpassed desktop internet usage.
  • Over 50% of all Google searches now happen on mobile devices.
  • Over 70% of YouTube watch time comes from mobile devices.
  • Video is projected to claim over 80% of all web traffic by 2022.
  • Digital streaming platforms are already replacing cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.
  • YouTube says its prime time audience is bigger than the top 10 TV shows combined.
  • 51% of the US population (approx. 165 million people) have listened to a podcast.

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So the next big thing could be podcasts. It’s already here, but I would say podcasts are still underrated and its golden age is yet to come.

The reason is, you have a lot of podcasting platforms out there that lets you create and host podcasts. But there’s a problem when it comes to accessibility because there’s a limit when it comes to reachability for podcasts.

For comparison, it’s super-easy to distribute and access videos from any device, from any channel, from anywhere. But that’s not true with podcasts. You have enough podcasting platforms and there are enough number of shows too. But it’s not getting the kind of attention it deserves (at least I think so).

Here’s a mind blowing number:

$100 million. That’s what Spotify paid Joe Rogan for a multi-year exclusive licensing deal for his podcast show — The Joe Rogan Experience — which reaches about 190 million downloads a month.

And here are the reasons why I believe podcasts are the next big thing:

  • Podcasts are becoming more accessible now.
  • Voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and others will make access to podcasts much easier.
  • People might prefer podcast shows over music or radio while driving, jogging, and walking.
  • Podcasts are not just for entertainment as it can be news, lifehacks, tips, educational, etc. that offers more value than music/radio.
  • Podcasts can keep the listeners engaged for a longer period of time.
  • Podcast listeners can can multitask at the same as it doesn’t require the kind of attention a video demands.
  • Podcasts can be a marketing channel as well — just like social media.

And now you know why I want to start a podcast targeting local audience, and why you should too.

12 Fiverr Gig Ideas For Starting A Podcast

I have already published a blog post featuring 15 Fiverr Gigs To Kickstart & Grow Your YouTube Channel. So today, if you want to be heard, I’m featuring all the Fiverr gigs you would probably need when starting a new podcast.

Fiverr Podcast
Fiverr Podcast

The following Fiverr gigs and categories are the ones that I am personally considering to launch my new podcast and to enhance the existing one (which is basically the audio version of my YouTube videos).

1. Podcast Logo

Fiverr Logo Design Gigs
Fiverr — Logo Design

A name and a logo for your podcast is ideally the first thing that you need to come up with when starting a podcast. It’s the first thing people notice about your podcast and moreover it’s syndicated everywhere. You can consider the above Fiverr gigs to create a unique logo for your podcast.

2. Description

Fiverr Brand Voice & Tone
Fiverr — Brand Voice & Tone

Every podcast need a description (ideally with keywords) that perfectly describes what listeners can expect from the show. If you are unable to come up with something nice then you can hire a professional on Fiverr to get it done.

3. Podcast Cover Art

Fiverr Podcast Cover Art Gigs
Fiverr — Podcast Cover Art

Just like YouTube Channel Art, a podcast cover art should catch a person’s eye when he/she lands on your podcast.

4. Jingle

Fiverr Podcast Jingle Gigs
Fiverr — Jingles

A podcast jingle can be considered as an audio equivalent of a brand’s tagline or logo. That’s the thing people connects with your podcast.

5. Intro

Fiverr Podcast Intros & Outros Gigs
Fiverr — Intros & Outros

The intro of your podcast can simply be your jingle or you can add a unique intro as well. You can consider the above Fiverr gigs to make it special as it’s the first thing people hear.

6. Outro

Fiverr Intros & Outros
Fiverr — Intros & Outros

The outro is the last part of your podcast that people hear. You want them to take an action at the end of the podcast? Good! Create an outro, and it should ideally have a call-to-action (CTA). The call-to-action can be a simple “Subscribe Now” message or it can be a promotion of your products, services, or even an email list.

7. Sound Effects

Fiverr Podcasts & Audiobooks Sound Design Gigs
Fiverr — Podcasts & Audiobooks Sound Design

You may or may not want to use sound effects in your podcasts. Adding sound effects make the podcasts more professional. It can cut the background noises, and if the sound effects are specially tailored then it can even make your podcast shows standout from the crowd.

8. Podcast Editing

Fiverr Podcast Editing Gigs
Fiverr — Podcast Editing

Editing is tough and time consuming. It’s the single biggest reason why I am unable to produce audio and video content on a consistent basis. So if your budget allows it, consider the above podcast editing gigs on Fiverr.

9. Transcripts

Fiverr Transcripts Gigs
Fiverr — Transcripts

Transcribing your podcast lets you share your ideas with a larger audience by converting your podcasts into different formats like blog posts, slideshows, infographics, etc. However, the task of transcribing a video is tough and boring. Try transcribing a 10-minute audio and see for yourself. So if you want to outsource that task, then Fiverr is a great destination.

10. Podcast Marketing

Fiverr Podcast Marketing Gigs
Fiverr — Podcast Marketing

Want to expand your podcast audience? Well, consider the above gigs for that. But remember, not all marketing gigs are worth — especially when it appears to be cheap. Marketing does take time, and the marketing skills are definitely not cheap.

I would suggest the following podcast marketing gigs on Fiverr: advertising within podcasts, collaboration with other podcasters, guests on other shows, get interviewed, and the likes.

11. Voice Over

Fiverr Podcast Voice Over Gigs
Fiverr — Podcast Voice Over

You have great scripts or content ideas but don’t have enough time for recording and editing? No problem. You can hire a voice over person on Fiverr and convert your content into podcasts.

12. Content Creation

Fiverr Podcast Content Gigs
Fiverr — Podcast Content

I’m not sure if you want someone else to write your podcast script — I can’t, and I won’t anyway. But just in case if you are considering this, the above Fiverr gigs as they look promising. So try it out and see for yourself if it saves your time or not.

Needless to say, there are a variety of podcasts. It can be conversations, stories, interviews, solo-podcasts, or even multi-host podcasts.

Closing Thoughts

You may also want to host all your podcasts on YouTube as well. If so, all you need to do is convert your podcasts to videos and upload on YouTube. You can check out 15 Fiverr Gigs To Kickstart Your YouTube Channel to get it done.

Happy Podcasting! 🙂