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Over 25 Handpicked Genesis Child Theme (Premium + Third-party) Marketplaces

WordPress + Genesis

When I want to start a new WordPress site, the first thing that I do is scan StudioPress to find ‘that’ perfect Genesis child theme. But chances are, I won’t find the perfect one. Then I would scan several other WordPress theme marketplaces, and get disappointed.

At the end of the day, again back to StudioPress itself and pick a Genesis child theme that best matches my criteria. Late realization, I avoid all third-party Genesis child themes and always stick with the ones I found on

Over the past few months, I have started paying attention to third-party Genesis child themes and developers (though I still haven’t purchased anything outside, yet) and have collected a bunch of marketplaces for the Genesis Framework in my Evernote.

By the way, I have already published a list of Premium WordPress Theme Marketplaces in the past that lists over thirty online destinations from where you can buy WordPress themes.

But the problem is, it’s not always a good idea to buy a WordPress theme from an independent developer or a less-known WordPress theme marketplace. In fact, it’s not even a good idea to buy a WordPress theme from Themeforest (unless you really know what you’re buying and doing).

The official StudioPress store has got over fifty WordPress child themes for the Genesis Framework (including third-party child themes). However, it’s very much possible that you still won’t find it enough. I mean, it’s nothing when compared to hundreds of thousands of free and premium WordPress themes available elsewhere on the web, right?

Anyway, first things first.

Why Genesis Framework?

Picking a theme/template is probably the toughest part of setting up a WordPress site. Seriously. You know there are thousands of free and paid WordPress themes out there so selecting one from so many themes can be extremely difficult.

The problem with free WordPress themes is that its developers may not update their themes regularly. And when the codes of your themes are not up-to-date, it becomes vulnerable to attacks in the future.

The same applies when you buy a paid WordPress theme from an independent theme developer (or freelancer). You may get the theme you really like at first, but eventually, the theme will become outdated.

I personally recommend buying WordPress themes from a premium WordPress theme marketplace because they make sure that their WordPress themes are up-to-date. And that’s why they release new updates regularly and even add additional features when WordPress updates its core software.

Out of the premium WordPress theme marketplaces, my personal favorite is (oh yeah, I am also using one of their themes).

StudioPress themes are powered by Genesis Framework and it’s an industry standard WordPress framework trusted by hundreds of professional bloggers.

So here are the reasons I love StudioPress + Genesis Framework +  Genesis Child Themes:

  • Genesis themes are fast, mobile-friendly, and search friendly.
  • Genesis Framework follows best coding practices and it basically means that you don’t have to worry about its code quality.
  • There are no renewal costs for Genesis Framework (or for its child themes).
  • When you buy a Genesis child theme from StudioPress, you can use it on unlimited websites, and you get lifetime updates and support. Most premium WordPress theme marketplaces charge you on an annual basis and they even charge you an additional fee for the developer version.
  • There’s no developer version and you can install the theme on any number of websites.
  • The Genesis Framework is updated regularly and you can upgrade your WordPress site with just one-click (from the WordPress Dashboard).
  • Genesis offers hooks and filters so you can add your own codes without touching the PHP files of the original theme.
  • StudioPress offers a Pro Plus All-Theme Package and it gives you unlimited access to all of their (current as well as future) WordPress themes, plus support and updates.
  • Genesis Framework is compatible with most WordPress plugins.
  • Genesis developers are everywhere.
  • Genesis Framework is so popular that its tutorials are also easily available.

The only problem with StudioPress is the support. I’m not impressed with their support as I had to post my queries on their Community Forums to get Genesis specific PHP/CSS help. On the flipside, when you buy a WordPress theme from Themeforest or from an individual owned theme marketplace, you get better support (and it actually includes theme customization as well).

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Coming back…

Premium Genesis Child Themes

Here’s a hand-picked list of over twenty-five WordPress marketplaces from where you can buy premium child themes (not found on StudioPress) for the Genesis Framework. Needless to say, you need to buy and setup Genesis Framework from StudioPress (costs a one-time $59.95) before buying Genesis child themes from any of the following marketplaces.

Note: Do explore all the features of the following Genesis theme marketplaces by yourself as I have highlighted only the pricing (unless I have got something else to say). Also, as mentioned earlier, I never purchased a Genesis child theme outside I just created this listicle for you (and for my future purchases) to make Genesis theme hunting easier.

1. Themedy


Themedy is a WordPress marketplace for Thesis and Genesis child themes and it’s got 20 skins. The problem is, you can’t buy their themes individually.

Instead, you have to choose from 4 packages: Creative Bundle, Marketing Bundle, Business Bundle, and a Lifetime Developer Bundle.

Lifetime Bundle costs a one-time $299 (includes lifetime support & future theme releases) whereas other bundles costs $79 each (includes one year support).

2. ZigZagPress


ZigZagPress child themes for Genesis costs $69 per theme and it includes 1 year support and theme updates.

Plus, if you want to try all their existing as well as future themes then there’s a 1 Year Membership plan and it lets you download all (some 30+) the themes (includes 1 year support and theme updates).

Again, there’s also a Forever Membership plan that gives you lifetime access to all themes, updates, and support.

3. WPStudio


WPStudio do not have a huge collection but their themes looks rich. You can buy themes individually and it costs around $15-$45 per theme (includes 1 year support).

4. Bloom


Bloom offers 18 Genesis child themes in the creativity space and it costs $35-$75 per theme.

5. Appfinite


Appfinite has got over 15 Genesis child themes and it costs $45-$75 per theme.

6. Appendipity


Appendipity offers Genesis child themes for podcasters and maybe that’s why it looks a bit heavy, busy, and pricey (costs $40-$80 per theme).

They also offer a Pro Plus All-Theme Package that gives access to all current as well as future themes (includes unlimited updates and support) and it costs a one-time $397.

7. Imagely


Imagely offers over 15 photography child themes for Genesis. They do not sell themes individually and is offering 3 packages: ALL IMAGELY THEMES (costs $79 per year), ALL THEMES + PLUGINS (costs $119 per year), and LIFETIME EVERYTHING (costs a one-time $299).

8. SEO Themes

SEO Themes

Seo Themes offers SEOed Genesis child themes (or at least they claim so) and it costs less than $50 per theme.



BYLT offers over 25 Genesis skins and it looks unique and beautiful. Pricing is on the higher side but I think they’re still worth it as they offer lifetime updates (without any recurring fees).

10. Riot Customs

Riot Customs

11. Minimal Genesis

Minimal Genesis

12. Lean Themes

Lean Themes

13. Jan Hoek

Jan Hoek

14. VSEllis


15. Stephanie Hellwig

Stephanie Hellwig

16. Risen Upon Thee

Risen Upon Thee

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Freemium Genesis Child Themes

17. WooSkins


WooSkins provide free WooCommerce themes with a premium design and responsive layout. The best thing about WooSkins is that they provide a FREE version of all their themes. So you can download any of their themes and use it on your (or your client’s) Genesis powered WordPress site. When you’re ready, you can go for the Pro version.

Feminine Child Themes For The Genesis Framework

Are you a female blogger/artist/entrepreneur? Luckily there are a handful of Genesis theme marketplaces that sells only feminine themes.

18. Restored 316

Restored 316

Restored 316 could be the most popular marketplace for feminine Genesis themes as a bunch of themes on the official StudioPress store are from them. They offer 20 child themes for Genesis and it costs $50-$75 per theme.

19. Pretty Darn Cute

Pretty Darn Cute

Pretty Darn Cute is yet another popular marketplace for feminine Genesis Framework themes. They offer less than 10 themes and it costs $50-$75 per theme.

20. Minted Pixel

Minted Pixel

21. Bella Creative

Bella Creative

22. WP Chic

WP Chic

WP Chic offers over 10 themes and you can buy them individually for around $50 per theme. The best thing about WP Chic is that their themes do not look similar and they’re from different categories.

23. Oh, Hello Designs

Oh, Hello Designs

24. LovelyConfetti


25. Maira Gall

Maira Gall

Design Yourself

Need more? Well, there is another category of WordPress themes and it’s all about customization. Unlike the above marketplaces, the following websites offers only a single Genesis theme and it then allows you to customize it the way you want (without any coding). I haven’t tried it personally but it does look interesting and that’s why I added it to the list.

26. SimpleProThemes


27. Utility Pro

Utility Pro

28. Dynamik Website Builder

Dynamik Website Builder

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Need even more? Well, there are many more Genesis child themes available on Creative Market as well. However, I wouldn’t suggest buying WordPress themes from independent developers unless they’ve developed at least five child themes for the Genesis Framework.

The reason is simple, you need some surety that the theme maker is experienced and is in the business for the long term. Or else, you will end up buying a theme that probably won’t get future updates or support.

Genesis Child Themes on Creative Market

I have personally scanned Creative Market to find the most popular developers. Some of them are already listed above, but anyway, here you go!

They’re all selling multiple child themes for the Genesis Framework. You may also go here or here to try yourself.

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Closing Thoughts

The best thing about StudioPress is that they do not have a recurring fee. Whether it’s for the framework or for the child themes, it’s a one-time fee. In fact, all the third-party Genesis child themes (on StudioPress) also comes with lifetime updates.

I would suggest you buy one that doesn’t charge you annually for updates. A few of the above third-party marketplaces for Genesis Framework charges you for future theme updates and I don’t think it’s justifiable.

Needless to say, StudioPress do not give support for third-party child themes. You have to get it directly from the respective Genesis child theme maker.

Have I missed your favorite Genesis theme marketplace or a developer? If so, do let me know as a comment below and I will add it to the above list.

Happy Theme Hunting (+ Blogging)! 🙂

First Published: May 18, 2017; Last Updated: Sunday, February 11, 2018.