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Over 71 Gmail Tips & Tricks To Make You A “Gmail Ninja”

Gmail Gmail is perhaps the web's favorite email service with over 500 million users. And I started using Gmail ever since they launched the service, back in 2004 and became very much obsessed with it. So today, I'm sharing over 71 Gmail tips and tricks (including some less known features, secrets, and settings) to enhance your Google Mail experience. I'm sure it might take a while for you to read through and get to the end. But once you do, there will be no looking back. You will change the way you used Gmail. All for the better. Guaranteed!

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When Gmail was launched the key features that distinguished it from its rivals were --- Search (with an advanced function), 1 GB Free Storage (it was huge at that time because Hotmail was offering only 2 MB and Yahoo 4 MB), Conversation View, Labels, Archive feature, Auto-refresh, Auto-address Completion, Powerful Mail & Spam Filters, and a great user interface (thanks to AJAX) with no banner ads.

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Over 51 Evernote Tips & Tricks To Make You An “Evernote Ninja”

Evernote Evernote is one of the most popular productivity app today and it's getting more popular than ever. We can use Evernote the way we want and that's why they don't tell us how to use it.
“We don’t tell our users how to organize their notes in Evernote as everyone works differently: some prefer to throw everything into one notebook while others love to create lots of notebooks for various projects and work/life interests.”
It’s a must-have tool for bloggers, or entrepreneurs, or professionals, or home-makers, or almost anyone who spends a lot of time online. The best thing? It’s free and you can use it in a way that you’ve never imagined. Evernote is available on almost all platforms --- Windows (Desktop & Touch), Windows Phone, Mac OS X, iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch), Android, BlackBerry, and WebOS. Note:  After I published 30 Evernote Tips earlier this year, Evernote has added several new features to it. However, I never got a chance to update that blog post. There,  I had used Evernote for Windows to explain different features, tips, and tricks. Though the user interface of Evernote for Mac is totally different from its Windows version, the core features and functionality remains the same on all platforms. I have used Evernote for Mac  for this blog post, but it's good for both Mac OS X and Windows users. In fact, I have used some excerpts from the Windows version as this article is an adaptive work.

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The Blogger’s Handbook – 101+ Resources On How To Start A Blog

The Blogger's Handbook First Published: 2012; Last Updated: Monday, March 17, 2014

No matter if you're a newbie or an experienced blogger, you want to take your blog to the next level. Don’t you? Here's a list of over 101 blogging resources which should help you to start a blog and make it a better one. I have categorized the resources so that it won't confuse those first time bloggers who probably have dozens of questions. Of course there are literally hundreds of blogs which helps you to “Make Money Blogging” but those blogs post the same content over and over again. So, I have made sure that there are no two blog posts that share the same stuff here.

How To Start A Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Before I actually start, let me remind you something, this guide is NOT one of those “How To Make Money Online” course but it will help you to build a successful blog and make money from it. It's a guide to blogging covering almost all aspects of blogging and must be useful to both beginners and professional bloggers.

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