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The Best AI Voice Generator (Text To Speech) Tools

AI voice generators utilize artificial intelligence technology to convert text to speech with realistic and natural-sounding voices.


PlayHT offers an AI Voice Generator that can convert text into natural-sounding humanlike voice performances in multiple languages and accents — other features include voice cloning, multi-lingual speech synthesis, and a powerful online text-to-voice studio for creating audio content.


NaturalReader is an AI text-to-speech solution that converts text, PDFs, and 20+ other formats into spoken audio.


ElevenLabs is an AI tool that offers voice cloning, dubbing, and text-to-speech, and speech-to-speech capabilities.


LOVO is an AI voice generator and text-to-speech software that offers instant voice cloning, unlimited royalty-free images, AI art generation, AI script writing, and also offers a wide range of voices in multiple languages.

Altered Studio

Altered Studio offers premium AI voice tools like real-time voice changer, text-to-speech, voice cloning, voice cleaner, and voice editor — for content creation and real-time communication.

Murf AI

Murf AI is an all-in-one text-to-speech software that offers a wide range of realistic AI voices allowing you to quickly produce studio-quality voiceovers — features include voice cloning, voice editing, and collaboration.


Listnr AI is a text-to-speech tool that generates realistic AI voices and offers over 900 voices in 142+ languages — features include voice editing, pitch control, pauses, pronunciations, and speed adjustment.


Speechify is an AI voice over generator that offers natural-sounding voice generation for various use cases — supports text to speech, image to speech, AI voice over, voice cloning & dubbing, transcription, AI avatars, and more.


Coqui is an AI-based text-to-speech tool that offers realistic and emotive voices — with voice cloning, generative AI voices, generative AI emotions and voice control, advanced editing capabilities, and project management features.


Resemble AI offers an AI voice generator that creates realistic voiceovers, supports speech-to-speech transformation, and enables multilingual localization — additional features include voice cloning, neural audio editing, deepfake detection, IP protection, and more.


Papercup is an AI dubbing platform that helps you reach global audiences by dubbing video content into multiple languages — with features like lifelike AI voices, expert translators, and end-to-end management to ensure high-quality results.


MetaVoice is a real-time AI voice changer that offers studio-quality AI voice overs and voice changing — MetaVoice Studio lets you generate unique AI voiceovers and MetaVoice Live allows you to change your voice in real-time while preserving human emotion. is a free real-time voice changer powered by AI that provides thousands of AI voices and also allows users to create their own custom voices.

Dubbing AI

Dubbing AI is a free real-time voice changer that can convert any voice into high-quality and cloned voices — offers a wide range of voices, compatibility with various platforms, low-latency and usage, and high-end features.

Koe Recast

Koe Recast is an AI-powered voice transformation tool that allows you to change yours voice — offers various voice options such as narrator, female, and anime.


Voicemod is a free voice changing software that allows you to modify your voice in real-time, offering various effects like robot, demon, chipmunk, and even build your own voices with Voicelab.


Audiobox is Meta's foundational audio model for generating voices and sound effects using voice inputs and natural language prompts, featuring interactive demos and emphasizing AI safety.