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The Best AI Research Tools

An AI research tool leverages artificial intelligence to enhance various aspects of academic research, including paper analysis, information extraction, and citation analysis, ultimately improving productivity and efficiency for researchers.
Best AI Research Tools


Consensus is a popular AI tool that assists researchers in analyzing and understanding scientific papers.


Elicit is an AI tool that assists researchers in finding relevant scientific articles and extracting valuable information from them.


Research Rabbit automates the process of finding and organizing research papers, saving time and effort for researchers.

Scite provides AI-powered citation analysis to evaluate the reliability and impact of scientific articles.


Channel is a self-serve data analysis tool that allows users to query databases in plain English and automatically generates visualizations.


ChatPDF is an AI tool that helps extract and summarize information from PDF documents. is a platform that allows users to interact with PDF documents by asking questions, getting summaries, and finding information.


ChatDOC is an AI-powered platform that offers efficient document analysis and research capabilities ā€” offers features like extracting information from files, AI analysis of selected text, enhanced responses with GPT-4, and the ability to query across documents.


SciSummary utilizes AI to generate summaries of scientific articles and research papers.