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Web Hosting Deals

I rarely publish web hosting deals, coupons, reviews, and the likes. However, I have recently published a web hosting comparison chart which is essentially a web hosting handbook and it’s got (almost) everything you need to know about web hosting companies and plans.

I have categorized and subcategorized the top web hosting companies by type, price and features, but if there’s something missing in that handbook, then that will be the web hosting deals and coupons. So, that’s why I created these “deals” and the idea is to feature some of the best web hosting deals out there.

Since all web hosting companies are offering discounts (by way of deals, coupons, etc.) for the first billing term, I have excluded the regular promotional offers and deals — because you can easily find it on the respective web hosting company’s homepage itself. Or, once again my web hosting comparison (categorized and subcategorized) will get you there.

For instance, the normal renewal rate of iPage Essential Plan is $155.40, but whenever I visit I see a “83% OFF” sale. And it says, “Special Introductory Offer” when they have been running this promotion continuously since the past 4 years or so.

On the flipside, other web hosting companies like, etc. run special promotions only during Black Friday, New Year, July 4th, etc. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy their hosting plans either at regular price or maybe at a small discount of say, 20-30%.

Top 10 Web Hosting Deals 2016

A ‘screenshot’ could also be worth a thousand words so I haven’t specified the terms or descriptions of each deal — except the applicable coupon code and promotional period (when available).

Again, if you’re on a budget, unsure or confused about which deal to opt for, I suggest you review each web hosting company individually, based on your personal requirements.

Here you go:

Affordable Shared Hosting Plans | Standard Shared Hosting Plans

Premium Shared Hosting Plans Reseller Hosting Plans | VPS Hosting Plans

Additionally, for a quick glance and comparison of all the web hosting companies and plans, you can check out my Web Hosting Comparison wherein I have compared over fifty web hosting companies and plans by type, price (current and renewal), and features.

WebHostFace — Lifetime Hosting


  • Coupon Code: N/A
  • Promotion ExpiresLimited-Time Offer

Web Hosting Deals: What You Need To Know

Web hosting is a multi-billion dollar industry and companies are always competing with each other to provide the best deal. And that’s why almost all web hosting companies are offering discounts (by way of deals, coupons, etc.) for the first billing term.

However, what you should realize is that the best offer is not necessarily the best offer indeed. Including the best offer given by the so-called best web hosting companies.

Web hosting is a complicated thing for a person who is alien to web development. And that makes it easy for them to trick a customer. I realized this because of back in 2009 or so during one of their “Black Friday” promotions, when a friend of mine pointed it out.

They were offering superior hardware to normally priced hosting, and offered degraded hardware to “Black Friday” customers. That said, just because did it doesn’t mean in any way that all hosting companies are the same. But remember, it was the best web hosting company then and yet it used to do it.

Closing Thoughts

I haven’t personally reviewed the performance or support of the following web hosting companies.

Instead, I just wanted to showcase the special coupons and deals offered by the popular web hosting companies. (I said ‘popular’ and not the ‘BEST’ as there’s no definite way to know if they are the bestest or not).

And no, I am not recommending a specific web hosting company either as that choice should be made by you and it must entirely be depending upon your current as well as future requirements (and of course budget).

Just pay ‘special’ attention to the renewal pricing of those web hosting plans as the first year or rather the first hosting term could be well discounted.

Have I missed any irresistible web hosting deals? If so, let me know as a comment below, and I’ll be happy to feature it here.

Happy Deal Hunting! 🙂

Last Updated: Tuesday, January 12, 2016