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iCloud Email Address: One Productivity Tip You Probably Didn’t Know (Plus 3 Things About Gmail,, & Yahoo Mail)

Apple Cloud I never blogged much about iCloud Mail or Yahoo Mail as I never find it useful or interesting --- except the disposable addresses in Yahoo Mail.
A disposable address lets you create up to 500 temporary email address within Yahoo Mail. You can create a disposable address any time and delete it after use. It's a good thing if you don't want to reveal your "real" email address to anyone.
It's a feature that is really missing in Gmail or but both Gmail and support sub-addressing though it's not as useful as disposable addresses. Anyway, I didn't want to switch to Yahoo Mail only to get that feature. But a few years back I realized that an iCloud email address ( is also useful --- and interesting --- as it supports both sub-addressing and disposable addresses (sort of).

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Need A Free Google Apps Alternative? Use Gmail As Your Email Hub!

Google Apps

If you’re a blogger, freelancer or an Internet entrepreneur then you need your own custom email address, right? Because sooner or later you’ll feel embarrassed to show your,,, or email address to the public. So the usual option is to sign up for a domain name and a web hosting plan and then use an email client like Outlook Express to access email. But that sucks!

And then Microsoft introduced Windows Live Custom Domains back in 2005 and later in 2006 Google introduced Gmail For Your Domain (now known as Google Apps). A free Google Apps account was the perfect solution since we got a Gmail like experience for our custom email accounts. And I was super excited when I was able to host my email in the Google cloud.

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Gmail vs. vs. Yahoo! Mail: An Ultimate Comparison vs. Gmail vs. Yahoo! Mail

Dear Microsoft, there’s no doubt that (previously Windows Live Hotmail, Microsoft Hotmail) is cooler than Gmail or Yahoo! Mail. But you know what? Gmail (or Google Mail) is way ahead of any other e-mail service when it comes to productivity. I’m using Gmail ever since they launched as an invite-only beta release and it’s Gmail and not Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail that redefined the way I use an e-mail service.

That said, as a Microsoft fanatic I finally migrated to from Gmail last year even though I was aware that I’m not going to get all the features I enjoy from Google Mail. But that migration was part of my break-free from Google as I was too obsessed with Google products.

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The Google Alternatives: How To Break Free From Google’s Prison

Break Free

If you have already read the past few blog posts then you might have noticed that it's all about Microsoft – Microsoft Office Outlook 2013, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. As I wrote earlier our digital life is usually about – Mail, Planner, Cloud, Contacts, Calendar, Notes, and Reminder. And then I listed the Top 25 iPhone Apps that help me to organize my digital life too.

Change, Welcome.

When I was done, Microsoft launched the next version of their flagship operating system – Windows 8. Again, it changed my digital life. By now you probably know I’m one of those Microsoft fanboy who is was obsessed with Google products and services.

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Dear Microsoft, Here’s Why I’m Obsessed With Google Even As A Microsoft Fanatic

A Computer Nerd

My digital life is all about Google as almost everything I do online is somehow connected to my Gmail and/or Google account. I was not a power e-mail user earlier (maybe because I was not a nerd or a marketer then) until Google came up with their own e-mail service on an April Fool’s day. I still remember my nifty Hotmail inbox with tons of embarrassing e-mails. I’m using Gmail ever since they launched the service, back in 2004 and have switched to many usernames before sticking to the current one which is active since 2005 with over 100,000 archived messages (never had to delete a single message ever).


That’s right, I'm a Microsoft fanboy and love everything about MSFT but I’m (also) struggling to find a reason to use most of their flagship products especially Hotmail Outlook, Bing, SkyDrive, Internet Explorer, Windows Live Messenger, Windows Phone etc. And, besides Windows, the Microsoft product I use the most is Windows Media Player (something that everyone loves to hate) and Microsoft Money (your fantastic personal finance management software) which you discontinued in 2009. :(

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