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My goal at Minterest is to write about things I’m passionate about and I share it from my 10+ years of web 2.0 experience. I don’t follow a publishing schedule but I try to publish new blog posts as often as I can and I write only when I feel that I’ve got something nice to say or when I can add some value to a topic.

And I often update my content as I prefer making my archived blog posts up-to-date, than creating fresh content.

Since researching, writing, editing, review, updating, etc. all requires time, money and energy I may monetize the content with ads and affiliate links to cover my expenses. But please be assured, that it will NEVER affect your shopping experience and it will never cost you more money.

All the blog posts that you see in this blog are written by me. I never hired other freelance bloggers or guest bloggers to write content on this blog but I do have some virtual assistants who help me to manage this blog.

Also, none of the blog posts are paid posts and none of them contain paid links. Since I treat this blog as a personal journal I usually write based on my personal experience about the topic.

If you want me to review your product/service then feel free to send it to me and I’ll let you know my honest opinion. If it’s worth to mention then I may spread the word on my blog and/or on my social media channels.

One more thing… SEO agencies can stay away as I don’t accept your Press Releases, Sponsored Posts, Guest Posts, or anything like that. That said, if you feel compelled to pay me for no reason then you’re welcome! You can PayPal me at mail (at)

If you have any questions about this Disclosure Policy, or the practices on this blog, please contact me here.

Last Updated: Thursday, October 9, 2014.