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The 100 Best Tech & Marketing Blogs You Should Be Following

The 100 Best Blogs

I have always wanted to create a list of blogs that I love to read, share and link to because I think it’d be nice to see them in a listicle rather than just adding them to Feedly (my favorite RSS reader). Moreover, I didn’t want to add tons of blogs to my RSS reader as I hate to see hundreds of unread items.

And hey, you should also have a list of your favorite blogs. You know why? Because if you are a blogger, or marketer, or whatever you are supposed to stay updated about what’s happening in your industry. The idea is to stay focused all the time.

By the way, you DO NOT have to follow hundreds of blogs in your niche. Just a dozen of them is pretty enough. Because you will see yourself landing on more and more related blogs and blog posts as you go.

For instance, it’s been a month since I checked my Feedly feeds and now it’s got over 600 unread items (and counting). The problem is I was reading less and less all these days and weeks as I already had enough research stuff in my Evernote and saved for later articles in my Pocket.

And yet, I was landing on a lot of interesting blogs and blog posts and whatnot. In fact, that’s what inspired me to write this very blog post.

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The Fantastic Hundred Tech & Marketing Blogs

I know you have already seen a gazillion “best blogs” listicles. While I agree that those listicles do have a lot of useful blogs in them, the problem is most of those lists are predictable. That’s not all. A good percentage of those listicles are listing the “popular” blogs and not necessarily the “best”. There’s a difference. Don’t you think?

It’s worth to mention that I have cherry-picked the following blogs based on its quality and not because of its popularity or blogging frequency. And that’s why I haven’t listed some of the most popular blogs like ProBlogger, Lifehacker, Lifehack, HuffPost, Forbes, Inc., etc. even though most of the best blogs listicles has them.

I have hand-picked blogs from the tech, marketing, productivity, inspiration, and personal finance space as that’s what my own blog is all about (or else the list would have been endless).

Tech News

  1. Ars Technica
  2. Engadget
  3. ReadWrite
  4. Recode
  5. TechCrunch
  6. The Verge
  7. VentureBeat


  1. Backlinko
  2. Blog Tyrant
  3. Broke Bloke Blogs
  4. Chris Garrett
  5. Intergeek
  6. Matthew Woodward
  7. NicheHacks
  8. Niche Pursuits
  9. OkDork
  10. Quick Sprout
  11. Robbie Richards
  12. Smart Blogger
  13. ViperChill

Content Marketing

  1. Content Harmony
  2. Copyblogger
  3. Copyhackers
  4. GatherContent
  5. Goins, Writer
  6. Men with Pens
  7. Siege Media
  8. Styla

Search Marketing

  1. Ahrefs
  2. Distilled
  3. Digital Philippines
  4. Greenlane
  5. GSQi
  6. Jacob King
  7. John Doherty
  8. Moz
  9. Nenad SEO
  10. Point Blank SEO
  11. Portent
  12. RankTank
  13. SEO Nick
  14. The SEM Post
  15. The Upper Ranks
  16. WEBRIS
  17. WordStream

Social Media Marketing

  1. Amy Porterfield
  2. Buffer
  3. CoSchedule
  4. Mari Smith
  5. Post Planner
  6. RazorSocial
  7. Socialmouths
  8. Social Triggers
  9. Sprout Social
  10. Spokal

Everything Else Marketing

  1. Audienti
  2. Authority Alchemy
  3. AWeber
  4. Business Grow
  5. ConversionXL
  6. Emails That Sell
  7. EOFire
  8. Eventual Millionaire
  9. Groove
  10. Neuroscience Marketing
  11. Optimizely
  12. Ryan Gum
  13. Shopify
  14. Unbounce
  15. Vero
  16. WebpageFX


  1. 99U
  2. Design Shack
  3. Inspired Magazine
  4. Smashing Magazine

Personal Finance

  1. Afford Anything
  2. Budgets Are Sexy
  3. Cait Flanders
  4. Dope Dollar
  5. Financial Samurai
  6. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
  7. Money After Graduation
  8. Mr. Money Mustache


  1. Becoming Minimalist
  2. Digital Inspiration
  3. James Clear
  4. Michael Hyatt
  5. Quick and Dirty Tips
  6. The Daily Positive
  7. Zen Habits


  1. Chris Ducker #Marketing
  2. Daring Fireball #Tech
  3. Derek Sivers #Personal
  4. Gary Vaynerchuk #Digital
  5. Jim’s Marketing Blog #Marketing
  6. Marie Forle #Creativity
  7. Om Malik #Personal
  8. Seth Godin #Marketing
  9. StartupCamp #Startup
  10. Violeta Nedkova #Creativity
  11. Minterest #Random 😀

Note: I do not personally follow all the above-listed blogs. It’s more like a bookmark of my favorite blogs plus the ones that I have recently discovered and want to read. So there’s a good chance that the list will change over time as I explore more. And when I’m done, I will also try to include my favorite blog posts from the above websites.

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Closing Thoughts

You don’t have to read hundreds of blogs in your niche. Remember, Quality > Quantity when it comes to publishing. The same is true for reading as well.

You better read only the blogs that never fails to educate and inspire you. When it comes to reading, I just follow one basic rule. I won’t subscribe to a blog if I believe that it’s not a better blog than mine. I mean, you will know when you stumble upon a new blog.

Look in the mirror, that’s your competition!

Likewise, go compete with better quality blogs than yours or you won’t be able to improve the quality of your thoughts and writing. So if you love the writing style of a blogger then you got to follow his/her blog even if it’s not popular.

Finally, there’s a very good chance that I might have missed your favorite blog. If you think I must add a blog (it can be your own blog too!) to this list then let me know as a comment below and I will surely consider it.

Happy Reading, Writing, Sharing! 🙂

First Published: December 12, 2016; Last Updated: Thursday, February 1, 2018.