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How Spammers Can Help You Get Your Dream Domain Name


I hate spams (and of course spammers) as much as you do. But today, I just want to say ‘thanks’ to two of them as their spams helped me to acquire two domain names which I wanted (or was interested in). Since, it worked for me, it should work for you as well. You too can get your dream keyword rich domain name or maybe even a brand name.

But wait, I think it’s good for acquiring domain names to add to your portfolio (or to start a website someday). It may not be the best option if you want to create a website as soon as possible. In that case, you have no other option but to contact the existing registrant and make an offer which he can’t refuse or else you can backorder that domain name. If your offer is enticing then most probably the current registrant would sell it (unless he is really doing well with that domain name).

Here’s How I Grabbed The Domain Names That I Wanted

How I Grabbed

When I noticed that the domain name (let’s call it which I wanted was not available, I registered its .net version ( I didn’t contact the registrant of and didn’t even check its Whois as domain sellers have the habit of asking 4-digits although they usually sell at a price much below the quoted price.

Few days later I got a spam that said:

Domain Name Availability Notice for “”

Dear Domain Owner, is coming available and now is your chance to secure the domain name so you can tie it in to your current marketing within your industry. This allows businesses to take more control of their immediate market and insure greater success.

Take action now: “SOME-SPAMMY-WEBSITE.COM” (which I didn’t click)

Again, few days later I got another spam from another spammer:


We are offering the domain name to any interested parties that own similar domains. It is becoming available again, and if you have any interest in securing this domain name for yourself you can let us know by following the link below and filling out the short form:

“ANOTHER-SPAMMY-WEBSITE.COM” (again I didn’t click)

Or simply reply to this e-mail with your offer and we will manually process your order.

And then, I got the next spam:

Domain Name Availability Notice for

Dear domain owner,

Are you aware that is becoming available in just a few days.

You can take action now, just reply to us with your offer and this way secure for your needs before it is offered to the general public.

Thank you for your time!

Okay, when I got the first Spam regarding that domain name I checked its Whois for the first time and noticed that it had expired and was in redemption period.

REDEMPTIONPERIOD: The registry sets this status when a registrar requests that the domain name be deleted from the registry and the domain has been registered for more than 5 calendar days (if the delete request is received within 5 days of initial domain registration it will instead be deleted immediately). The domain will not be included in the zone. The domain can not be modified or purged; it can only be restored. Any other registrar requests to modify or otherwise update the domain will be rejected. The domain will be held in this status for a maximum of 30 calendar days.

So, I almost immediately backordered the domain name at GoDaddy (luckily I had one unused backorder credit in my GoDaddy account).

Few days later I got a notification from GoDaddy,

The domain status has been changed: OLD: redemptionperiod, NEW: pendingdelete 

PENDINGDELETE: The registry sets this status after a domain has been set in REDEMPTIONPERIOD status and the domain has not been restored by the registrar. The domain will not be included in the zone. Once in this status all registrar requests to modify or otherwise update the domain will be rejected. The domain will be purged from the registry database after being in this status for 5 calendar days.

Read: Guide To Domain Name Status Codes |

Then, three days later, I got another mail from GoDaddy:

This email is to inform you that we will be attempting to secure the following domain name(s) you backordered:


We will do this automatically – no need for you to take any action or respond to this email.

But, Spammers never stop! They sent the last e-mail (a day just before the domain became publicly available).

Limited Time Offer…!!!

The domain name is for sale by Hurry and take advantage of this limited time special offer $199.95 USD.

Domain Name:

Price: $199.95 USD

To purchase this domain and take advantage of this Special Offer click on the link below:

WWW.SPAMMY-WEBSITE.COM/PURCHASE (you guessed right, I didn’t respond)

Thank you for your interest.

But exactly after three days, I got this mail from GoDaddy:

“Domain Backorders: EXAMPLE.COM Successfully Captured”

Dear Mahesh Mohan,

Congratulations! The following domain name(s) that you backordered was successfully captured:


Yay! So, I got the domain name which I wanted in approximately 5 days once its status became “pendingdelete”. And finally, I responded to spammer’s last mail.

Thanks, but no thanks! I have already acquired the domain name EXAMPLE.COM for less than $10.

Keep notifying me about new domain expiries.

Happy Spamming!

Now, What You Should Know

What You Should Know

If I expressed my interest towards that domain when I got the first spam they would certainly have renewed it. But as you probably know one can register a domain name for $1 (thanks to coupons) but renewals cost anywhere between $8 to $35 (for a .com) depending upon the registrar. So, if the parked domain names are not making any money for the spammer then he will most probably drop the domain name.

Again, I acquired another domain name in a similar fashion where I owned the hyphenated version of the domain name which I wanted. And guess what I acquired? That’s right, the non-hyphenated version of the domain.

And now I know how GoDaddy domain backordering works!

Image Credits: Rutger, Free Digital Photos