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The Great Digital Marketing Rejuvenation 2021 (TL;DR)

Digital marketing is an ever-evolving channel. What worked 20 years ago might not work today. For instance, 20 years ago, majority of the web traffic was desktop and today it's mobile. Text content dominated the internet until early 2000s and today it's all about video. Needless to say, YouTube + Netflix accounts for over 50% of…

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15 Fiverr Gigs To Kickstart & Grow Your YouTube Channel

Fiverr is no longer a micro-job marketplace. It's now home to thousands of high-value gigs where you can buy almost anything you can imagine. The good thing about Fiverr transforming from a micro-job marketplace to a full-fledged freelancing platform is that now you will get high-quality services. Fiverr Homepage Until few years ago, was a micro-job…

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