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Minterest For Brands

Minterest is a digital marketing & technology journal by Mahesh Mohan (@maheshone). It’s read by thousands of readers every month and features the following topics: Blogging, Internet Marketing, Social Media, Tech, and Web 2.0.

At Minterest, I don’t follow a publishing schedule but I do try to publish new blog posts as often as I can. Since I treat the blog as a personal journal I usually write content based on my personal experience about the topic. And I blog only when I feel that I have got something nice to say or when I feel that I can add some value to a topic.

Topics That I’m Passionate About

Why advertise on Minterest?

I keep the advertising on this blog as limited as possible to offer better user experience. And all the ad units are placed manually so that it won’t be filtered out by any of those ad blockers.

I do not show Google AdSense (or ads from similar display ad networks) as I have an aversion for banner ads just like you do too. However, I’m open to limited text & display advertising by way of sponsors — if I feel it’s relevant for my audience.

  • 85% of total traffic is from search engines.
  • 40% of total traffic is from United States & Canada.
  • 60% of the users visit the blog via desktop.
  • 40% of the mobile users uses an iOS device.

Blog Stats

  • Alexa Global Rank: 62,309
  • Inbound Links: 46,554
  • Unique Visits: 130,000 per month
  • Visits: 150,000 per month
  • Page Views: 180,000 per month
  • Age: 10 years

Moz Stats

  • MozRank: 5.33
  • MozTrust: 5.20
  • Page Authority: 46
  • Domain MozRank: 4.90
  • Domain MozTrust: 5.32
  • Domain Authority: 36

Last Updated: Friday, February 10, 2017.

What are the available advertising options?

Sponsored Post

If you want me to write a blog post featuring your website then you can buy a Sponsored Post. When you buy a Sponsored Post, I will write a regular blog post (search and user-friendly) with one or more links to your website. But since it’s a regular blog post, it will be unbiased and may contain links to your competitors (when it’s contextually relevant and necessary).

Pricing for a Sponsored Post will be $375 per post.

P.S. I do not accept Sponsored Posts for SEO and will accept your offer only if it’s relevant. All sponsored links will be no-followed with proper disclosure.

Sponsored Link

Sponsored Link is a site-wide text link ad that appears on the sidebar of the blog. It appears more natural and often gets higher click-through-rate when compared to banner ads.

Pricing will be $150 per link per month (approximately $1 CPM), or $600 for 6 months, or $1,000 for 12 months.

P.S. I do not accept Sponsored Links for SEO. All sponsored links will be nofollowed with proper disclosure. Maximum of 5 sponsored links at a time.

Sponsored Review

If you want me to promote or review your product then you can buy a Sponsored Review on my blog. When you buy a sponsored review, I will personally review your product or service and will write an unbiased review.

I will accept your offer only if I feel that your product is relevant and is something I want to spread.

Pricing will be $500–$1,000 per review and it depends upon the nature of your product or service and the potential word count.

Your sponsored review will stay on the homepage for at least 24 hours and may reappear on homepage if I choose to update the sponsored review in future. You can go here or here to see a sample sponsored review.

P.S. I do not accept Sponsored Reviews for SEO. All external links will be nofollowed with proper disclosure.

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Display Ads

Display Ads are site-wide banner ads that appears on the header (728×90 px) of the blog. Only one banner ad at a time — you can fill out the form below to reserve a spot.

Pricing will be $500 per month (approximately $3 CPM), or $1,350 for 3 months, or $2,400 for 6 months.

P.S. The banner ad must be of high quality and the landing page should be relevant.

In-Post Ads

In-Post Ads are sponsored ads placed within individual blog posts and it’s the best way to buy an ad unit on a single blog post. An In-Post Ad can be a content ad, or display ad, or even a sponsored listing.

When you buy an In-Post Ad, I will place your sponsor ad in an unobtrusive way in a blog post chosen by you and it remains there for the agreed period.

The pricing depends upon the popularity of the blog post.

Here’s an example of a content ad,

MinterestYour sponsor message can be up to 50 words or 250 characters and it appears like this with a text and image link to your website.

Sponsored (?)

And, if you would like to partner with me in any other way, then please get in touch. 🙂
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