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Mahesh Mohan
Mahesh Mohan

Hey there, I’m Mahesh Mohan (@maheshone) — a digital creator, curator and marketer. Also, a finance geek (@Onevestor).


I started learning and experimenting web 2.0 stuff back in 2004 and eventually became a full-time digital nerd after graduation (and I still am).

Tasted the flavour of digital marketing for the first time via affiliate marketing in 2005. And created a bunch of websites in those times, and then tried different online marketing strategies to promote and make money out of it. In 2007, I founded Minterest — a digital marketing and technology journal, to feed my super curiosity. I write about tech, marketing, and everything in between that excites me.

Along with all this, I started working with businesses to help them get the most out of the web by offering personalized digital marketing and web development services. And was fortunate enough to generate hundreds of thousands of leads for Microsoft, Yahoo, and other companies in just a year.

In 2014, I co-founded Infirn Labs Private Limited with two of my besties — as the holding company of everything we do — Online & Offline. And together we expanded the business to digital consulting, advertising, wedding & corporate events, and tourism.

Outside of that, I also spend A LOT of time doing random things and I’m equally passionate about the financial markets. So I founded Onevestor, a personal finance journal in 2009 to archive and share my financial thoughts and findings. However, it was not so active until 2018 when I finally started a YouTube Channel (actually a vlog) in the same name which is super-active.

Needless to say, I never had a 9-to-5 job ever in my life. THIS made me realize that the biggest luxury in our (or at least my) life is the freedom to do whatever you want to and the privilege to say NO to whatever you don’t want.


#Hashtags That Should Define Me…

Agnostic, Apolitical, Bluephile, Brutally honest, Curious, Digital Creator, Finance geek, Marketing ninja, Microsoft fanatic, Multi-passionate nerd, Overthinker, Perfectionist, Workaholic.

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Editorial Philosophy

I don’t follow a publishing schedule but I try to publish new blog posts as often as I can. Since I treat the blog as a personal journal I usually write blogs based on my personal experience about the topic. I blog only when I feel that I’ve got something nice to say or when I can add some value to a topic.

Did I mention that I often update my content? Yes, it’s something that I do regularly as I prefer making my archived blog posts up-to-date, than creating fresh content (especially topics that are already published elsewhere).

And I do not accept Press Releases, Paid Posts, Guest Posts, or the likes (see Disclosure Policy). If you want me to review your product/service then feel free to send it to me and I’ll let you know my honest opinion. And if it’s worth a mention, then I may spread the word on my blog and/or on my social media channels.

Let’s Connect!

Use the Contact form to send me an email, or, feel free to drop in an email anytime at [email protected]. I do read each and every email I get but please make your subject line as informative as possible.

Happy Blogging! 🙂